Grillon, you sonuva bitch.

Meet Dillon, this is him in one of his less composed moments.

I thought Carl Weathers was gonna be tough to grill up, cause he’s not god’s gift to acting. Boy was I wrong, he dropped some gems for me. I know you like this mid-sentence grill.

I know you can feel the tenseness of the situation here, he’s a master of emoting. Dillon is in a world of shit.

His range is wide enough to convey the patented “Face Full of Scorn”. Feel the rage pulsing through his steroid filled veins.

I don’t know who this cat is but I like the effort being put into a non speaking role. Does a death scream count as a speaking role? Is this guy on imdb for this? All valid questions that will not be answered here.

You gotta love Mac as played by the very limited when it comes range, Bill Duke. I know that sentence was poorly constructed, but it had to be that way. His whisper-acting that he uses in every movie, is akin to a poorly imitated Marlon Brando. His only other equivalent is Enrique Iglesias’ less talented younger brother, Julio Jr., who is a master of whisper-singing. See evidence here.

Mac really turns it up a notch for us here. But these guys were just the appetizer, I know what you all really came to see, and I’m gonna give it to you.

Literally every frame of this shot was grillable, but I think I found the best of the best.

This one is pretty good too, Dutch doesn’t hold any emotion back. And I salute him for it.

In the grand tradition of the Aaron Eckart grill from Paycheck, I give you this one. Arnold is clearly about to say something, but I caught him in what was surely, deep, deep thought.

I felt obligated to include this one if for no other reason because this is when the iconic line “GET TO THE CHOPPER!!!” is unleashed for the second time in the movie, but with about three times the sonic power.

I felt like this one wasn’t good enough to be up top, but still deserved a place in the post. Notice Weathers makes sure to flex his muscles as much as possible for the camera. Show-off.

Here’s one last parting gift, a lot to like in this one. Mac screaming like a maniac, and Arnold making a slightly funny face, also flexing in the same manner as Dillon above. I really hope you enjoyed the fruits of my labor. But really I’m just an explorer, navigating through the ether. Thank the real heroes…the actors and 1980’s action movies.

Yours Truly,


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  1. Amazing. Awemazing even. Man, Weathers had me at ‘AAAHHHHHH’ in that first pic, but you’re right, the third one does grow on you. It does seem like a pretty tense situation, but more like an “Oh man this Extreme Warhead is damn sour!” situation, rather than a “Lemme shoot that sort of invisible alien in that tree!” situation.

    Comment by christoph — 2008.09.02 #

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