It’s Always Sunny in Grilladelphia

Don’t take yourself so seriously Charlie, look at Frank here, he knows how keep his anger at bay. Hell, he looks like he’s in a state of euphoria, he couldn’t be happier.

He’s got plenty to be psyched about, including having two crack addicted children.

Here’s Sweet Dee on a different loop of the emotional roller coaster. It’s much appreciated on this end because you see a female grill about as much as you see an American Indian.

For all those not in the know, Charlie just had a wooden chair broken over his back. It looks like it hurt, but don’t feel too bad for him, he’s flexing his beer muscles.

I didn’t want to leave out Mac here. He isn’t angry or in pain, but I think he qualifies for inclusion on the basis of that ridiculous smile. Expect more where these came from.

– Boris

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