“I (still) owe you a ten-second car.”


Guess who’s back? Why none other than Dominic Toretto and and a rogues gallery of funny looking extras.  The first post (well actually the second) was all about the bromance, but this one is just about crazy grills, all the way. I sincerely hope you are ready and not currently drinking anything.


You know Paul, I was pondering the best way to over emote. You’ve just given me a sterling blueprint on how to raise my blood pressure.


This is funny to me, it may not be to you. But we can all agree on one thing I imagine. This here is Leon as acted by Johnny Strong. It’s okay, you read it right, this guy’s name is Johnny Strong. I’m almost certain that has to be a male porn star’s name.


There it is, the best grill from the movie in my opinion. It’s almost as if Diesel didn’t know the camera’s were rolling, but they were losing daylight and had to use the footage. I would use the word “vacant” to describe that look, but even that is too specific to describe such a blank and empty face.


So what does Diesel do next? He follows up the previous grill with this gem. It looks like he tried to bite his tongue and missed. Better luck tomorrow Vin.


Okay, three Michelle Rodriguez grills in, I think we have found the best we’re going to get. That face usually precedes the phrase “What the fuck???”.


At this point in the movie, Vin Diesel became determined to step up into the Grill Big Leagues, along with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Raul Julia. Get ready to be blown away.


Shit, this might be funnier than the vacant face one. Funny face? Check. Awkwardly hanging out of the car?  Double Check. Effeminate hand position? You KNOW it!!!


Oh MAN!!! I’m truly feeling Dominic’s desperation in this scene. It’s all thanks to Vin Diesel’s brilliant performance. Grill performance that is.


Diesel is so versatile that he flips the script on us emotionally, and is able to bring himself down several notches for a more subdued and introverted grill masterpiece.


Seeing as how this has been and will be the highlight of this guy’s career, he’s leaving it all out there for us to enjoy. Thank YOU Johnny Strong.


And one more for the road. It looks like he has a heaping mouthful of the good stuff, none of that pussy Skoal.


Paul Walker is determined not to be outshone again by Vin Diesel, as he has been the entire movie. I think he comes up slightly short, but he does deserve an A for effort.


I’m a huge fan of this one personally.


Funny, I don’t remember Paul Walker as having a receding hairline.


Well it must be due to the fact that Paul Walker is nowhere to be found in this sequence. This guy looks like he’d be better suited as Matthew McConaughey’s stunt double.


Yeah definitely NOT Paul Walker.


Alright enough with the stunt doubles, we’re back to the meat and potatoes of this post, the Diesel. He looks like he is raring to swallow one of Paul Walker’s bullets….. Yo, I  truly apologize for just writing that line, just remember….bromance.


You’ve got to love the giant SMILE on Johnny Tran’s face as he ruthlessly murders Jesse with a Ride-By shooting. With a fucking SMILE on his face.


Try as I may, I couldn’t fully suppress the innate bromanticism of some of these scenes.


It’s all working towards the climax, and Walker knows it.


As does the Diesel.


“Dom, it’s alright. We can work this thing out. Nobody has to know.” Get your mind out of the gutter. I was referring to Brian giving Dom a ten-second car.


I know it’s out of focus, but it was too good to leave on the grill-cutting room floor.


Please make note of the BRIGHT YELLOW racing helmet worn by our stunt driver. Seriously? Perhaps black would have been a more discreet choice fellas.


“It never would have worked between us you know.”


Don’t be so sure Dom, Brian looks willing to make it work.


“Dom, I wish I knew how to quit you.” (I couldn’t resist).

– Boris

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  1. Oh, baby. These are some choice grillz, but for me it doesn’t get any better than Diesel’s series of grillz where he’s hanging out of the window of his ride. The effeminate hand position pic SLAYED me. His performance has transcended the art of acting, becoming something greater: poetry in motion. The BROkeback Mountain reference was a nice touch too.

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