Buffy the Normal Face Slayer

Oh, hey there Spike. Those are some lovely UV-Ray deflecting goggles you have. In lieu of the recent trend of creating mega multi-part posts, I felt the need to return to the quick, yet effectively short grill post. My muse for this return is the Buffy season five finale. Lets take a deeper look shall we?

The Scooby gang is driving off to save the day in super-sweet Winnebago. Giles (Anthony Head) is really exploring the limits of the steering wheel’s rotation while Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Spike (James Marsters) hold on for dear life.

Here, Giles has discovered a comfortable range of motion which will make the not-so nimble Winnebago drive in a straight line.

In a totally unrelated shot, Spike gets his rock on. I’m pretty sure this is from his first appearance on the show, and I laugh every time I see it in the opening credits.

They are being chased down by the Secret Order of the Tool-sheds.

Hey wait a second, something here seems a little off….

Buffy’s head and ass size somehow manages to increase whenever she is in battle.

The Secret Order of the Tool-sheds may be engaging in some latent bromanticism.

Ben (Charlie Weber) is feeling some pains before he transforms into Glory, the god that’s possessing him. He’s also wearing a lovely ceremonial robe.

This doesn’t require any description.

Nor does this.

Giles was surgically removed from that steering wheel in time to beat some ass.

Spike is unleashing his full-on rage face.

I’m pretty sure Sarah Michelle Gellar’s stunt double had more screen time then her in this episode.

Upon realizing this, Sarah could feel the bile turning on her. Either that or she had too many Natty Lights.

- Boris

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  1. I love it, for all the obvious (and not so obvious) reasons. Goggle-Spike’s triangle mouth is tight, and I love Giles’ driving write-up. The stunt doubles are always good for a laff as well. I miss this show.

    Comment by christoph — 2010.07.24 #

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