King LeDouche

As most people know by now, LeBron “King” James held a prime-time TV special/press conference to announce where he would be taking his basketball services last week. The King had spent his entire seven year career in Cleveland playing for the Cavaliers. He has also spent his entire life in Ohio since he was born and raised in nearby Akron. Let’s see if he made the “right” choice, or the “selfish” one.

Jon Barry is so excited he can barely contain himself right now.

“Hey y’all everybody, I’m Stuart Scott and you are watching Decision 2010, lets go live to the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich, Connecticut.

Lebron is psyched up to potentially murder basketball in Cleveland.

Wilbon is hoping that LeBron makes the choice to stay in Cleveland and continue to pursue the city’s first professional sports title in 50 years.

I can’t remember if LeBron had referred to himself in the third-person yet at this point, but once he clears that first hurdle, he finds it difficult to stop. I can’t imagine that someone who would hold an hour long special dedicated to his “decision” would be some kind of egomaniac. On a side note, his lumberjack beard is fantastic.

Jim Gray is just happy to be selected once again to ask the easiest questions and turn a potentially tough interview into a cakewalk.

LeBron is on the verge of his big announcement and even he admits that this is hard for him.

“He can’t be that much of an asshole that he would go to Miami as has been reported all day. Hopefully he recognizes how much him leaving Cleveland would kill the town and the Cavaliers organiztion.”

“In this fall — this is very tough — in this fall I’m going to take my talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat.”

Oh no he didn’t.

Barry can’t believe it.

Wilbon can barely contain his disappointment. If he’s anything like me he probably is thinking LeBron took the easy way out by deciding to join forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. The true challenge and greatest achievement would had been to stay in Cleveland and end Cleveland’s suffering someday. Instead he chose to party on South Beach and play ball with his friends. I wonder how Cleveland is taking the announcement.

It only took about 15 minutes for video footage of burning LeBron jerseys to hit the airwaves. Does that make you feel like an asshole LeBron? Do you feel this is warranted?

*no comment*

This is one of very few frames where it looks like LeBron had a soul during this whole spectacle.

This is the moment where he realized he was in fact, an asshole.

– Boris

This post marks a first for Grill Wilson. With the help of a tripod I was able to create animated gifs from a guerrilla grilla post (capturing grills from my tv with a digital camera). It wasn’t easy, but if we don’t continue to grow….we fail.

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  1. I love it. If you look at the first animated BronBron, it looks like he’s saying “Head fat. Head fat. Head fat…” I also like Wilbon holding back the tears near the end. Nice work, kid. Oh, and don’t forget to watch my hour long special tomorrow when I will reveal my decision on where I’ll be eating lunch. I’ll be referring to myself as “Christoph” throughout the presentation, of course.

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