Tokyo Drift: Emergence of the Bow Wow, Part Two

Here we are, back in the wonderful world of the Fast and the Furious. On the last post I promised bromance, and what I gave was clearly undercooked. Part two brings a full portfolio of bromanticism. You will not be disappointed. If this opening image doesn’t tell you where this post is going, I don’t know what will. Our hero Sean (Lucas Black) had nowhere else to go…. except Japan to live with his absentee father. On his first day at a Japanese high school he meets Twinkie (Bow Wow, born Shad Gregory Moss) local American hustler. Here he offers to sell him a laptop, but the look in his eyes says he’s selling something else……bromance.

Sean doesn’t want a laptop, the verdict is still out on the bromance. He is new to town, and Twink’s ability to speak his language could prove useful.

As soon as Sean averts his eyes, Twink shows his true feelings.

“No offense, but I probably won’t be here long enough to remember your name.” Sean states rather dickishly. Luckily for us, he does stick around.

Regardless, Twink is either insulted/motivated to make Sean change his mind.

Oh snap, the seeds of the bromance might be taking root. Sean is thinking of sticking around.

Twink is pleased Sean is beginning to see the benefits of a friendly bromance.

I should probably get going to class, thought Sean. “See you later Twink.”

Sean makes it to class on time, then proceeds to attempt to swallow his face.

Twink briefly locks eyes with Sean, before turning his attention to his car.

Sean is not all the impressed, while Twink has to forcibly muzzle his erection.

Twink just laid some solid gold grill power on us. Bow Wow is doing us proud right now.

Twink let Sean drive to the underground drift race in the parking garage. Sean is impressed with the scene, while Twink is clearly impressed with Sean. The look/hand position is hardly subtle there Twink.

This frame possesses zero percent bromance, but is both a needed and traditional way to cleanse the air of some of the bromantical fumes.

This delightful looking fellow is Takashi, wannabe yakuza who more commonly goes by the name DK (short for Drift King). It looks like he caught sight of something across the garage.

DK (Brian Tee) and his haircut don’t very much appreciate Sean trying to move in on his girlfriend.

“Last I heard, this was like a free country or something.” Sean forcibly expelled. Notice Twink’s unwavering focus on Sean.

This is where DK calls Sean a gaijin, which Sean doesn’t read as an insult… him its racing time.

“Damn Sean, He’s yakuza!!!” Twink belted out.

While attempting to kiss Sean, DK wonders how the kid with no car is going to race him.

This cat right here only has one purpose in this movie, to force me to capture the insane grills he drops EVERY time he’s in frame. He’s DK’s lackey, Morimoto (Leonardo Nam), and we will be hearing (seeing?) from him again.

Sean calls DK Timberlake, in reference to his pretty boyishness, so now the race is essentially on. This is also the moment where Twink realizes his bromance with Sean is slipping away.

*No words*

“Oh, you need a car Sean, take mine.” said Han (Sung Kang), Sean’s future Mr. Miyagi-like mentor.

Twink makes one final plea for Sean to reconsider racing DK and ostensibly ending their bromance.

Morimoto is JACKED up for the race.

This is where Sean starts to realize that in Japan they actually drive their cars when they race, not just mash the gas pedal while racing in a straight line.

Of course, Sean never actually drives his car, the stunt driver does.

The simple act of slowing down before entering a turn is lost on Sean, he clearly hasn’t played much Gran Turismo 2.

Sean is channeling his best Vin Diesel grill from the original Fast. I also sense about 25% Arnold in there too.

Morimoto is ecstatic for his bro DK. Living vicariously through another has never felt so good has it Morimoto?

“Now that I handled this silly gaijin in this impromptu drift competition, lets go cool down with some one on one laser tag. My treat.” offered DK, while sporting that victory grin.

After Sean totals Han’s car, he realizes they will be spending a lot more time together.

Seems like Sean isn’t too bothered by that prospect.

To be continued in Part Three….

~ Boris

One thought on “Tokyo Drift: Emergence of the Bow Wow, Part Two”

  1. Part two really stepped things up in the Bromance department, but I really can’t wait for Bow Wow, DK, and Han to really start locking gazes in part 3.

    This which slayed me in this post, in chronological order, are as follows:
    1. Sean’s peanut butter and crackers with nothing to drink.gif
    2. Sean v. DK scuffle with horse teeth
    3. Sean going ape wild with the steering wheel.gif
    4. “Morimoto”‘s roid-rage yosh.gif

    To be honest, it’s hard to see the bromance in number three. Part two was just overflowing. Though, you’ve clearly done yeoman’s work in assembling these. I need closure.

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