Tokyo Drift: Rising Action, Part Three

We’re taking another trip back to Tokyo, for part three. Twink (Bow Wow) is so excited he looks almost on the verge of tears. Everything is going great for our heroes.

Since Sean only knew how to drive american muscle (in straight lines), Han and company had to teach him how to drift for his inevitable rematch with DK. Fat Joe over here is finding Sean’s struggles (off-screen) to be hilarious. Twink might be slightly concerned.

The source of his concern must’ve been the asswhoopin’ Morimoto was seeing fit to lay upon him.

I need to create a new category for this one… turrible hair.

Sean and his american muscle breaks up the fight, while Morimoto weighs the pros and cons of laying one of Sean. He couldn’t bring himself to do it since his bromance is with DK and DK alone.

During Sean’s spiritual portion of drift training, him and Han share a tender moment.

This one needed to be included for a few reasons. 1. Twink’s open mouthed exhuberance. 2. Virgil from Better Luck Tomorrow‘s note-perfect triangle mouth. 3. The fact that they ran out of asian extras and had to use another white guy to fill the frame.

“Chotto, Chotto… Oy, Oy!! Sneakers des.” said Twinkie while hustling some Air Force Ones.

“Hey Sean, I spent 45 minutes this morning styling my hair.” DK proudly boasted.


“There you go Sean, you’re GETTING it!!” Han said rather encouragingly.

This gave Sean a brief moment of unbridled self-satisfaction.

Must train harder…steady…..steady….

“I NAILED IT!!!!! YEAH!!!! Put DK in a BODY BAG!!!!” Sean boyishly yelled to himself.

“OH SHIT!!! That pothole came outta nowhere!!”

Han treated Sean’s readiness for his tune-up race against Morimoto with a textbook triangle mouth/head tilt combo.

Morimoto’s reaction to defeat at Sean’s american hands was appropriately rage and sorrow filled.

Twink thought he wasn’t getting enough face-time so he gave me a reason to include him with some facial overacting.

Sean forced DK to beat that ass by going on a psuedo-date with his dime piece Neela. He was also mad that it was her instead of him.

“Damn it feels good to be a gangsta” – Face

This one isn’t so much a grill, but I feel like someone needs to call this dude’s outfit. I think you know who I’m talking about. When your ensemble consists of Mr. Perfect’s boots, one of Don Johnson’s spare pastel t-shirts, and some biker shorts with a shitty design, you are turrible.

Twink is saddened at the sight of Sean getting his ass beat by DK. This is also where he’s feels the flames of bromance starting back up.

Han is about to get assaulted by D.K. over here, he senses its about to happen, and goes limp.

The more he thought about it, Han said to himself, “I can beat this guy, I just need to whip out a new face.”

Han turned to his Steven Seagal face. Channeling the power of The Crystal Cave, he deflected D.K.’s attempted asswhoopin’.

“We should get outta here Han, things are about to HEAT UP!!”

Morimoto’s slavish devotion to dropping grills non-stop caused him to take his eyes off the road for a split second and drive directly into oncoming traffic. I’m pretty sure he either died or was severely injured since you don’t see him again in the movie.

D.K. is overdriving/acting on the green-screen set, while outside actually in the car….

…. is his obvious stunt man. Tokyo Drift definitely earns the title  for “most obvious use of green-screen technology during driving sequences” in the series.

Sean is guilty of the same transgressions as D.K.

Stunt driver Rhys Millen is doing the driving for real of course, and they forgot to add enough motion blur to make his facial features not obvious.

Han’s luck has ran out by this point, and its about to get worse.

Boom goes the dynamite!!

Well Sean, you are going to have to navigate Part Four without your mentor Han. Don’t worry though, I’ll be looking out for you kid.

To be concluded…….

– Boris

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