X-Men: The Animated Gif Series

I know everyone said it couldn’t be done. Animation is un-grillable. While watching some of the X-Men animated series, I discovered that animation can produce grills, of the animated variety. This show is a throwback in a lot of ways, whether it be the crude, inconsistent animation, or the terribly voice acting (Gambit, I’m looking at you). It’s worth noting that in the show it flashes between these two frames of animation really fast, like Professor X is having a seizure. Lets see what other gems I found.

The Blob is acting extremely fay-like here. Something is tickling his fancy.

Wolverine can’t decide whether he is down for the count or extremely angry and ready to pounce.

It wouldn’t one of my posts without someone doing work on a steering now would it? Thank you Bishop, you’re masterfully steering that vehicle with one hand. What’s the other doing though?

There’s something slightly disturbing about this one. This cat looks like he’s be right at home in Predator, not a saturday morning cartoon.

I kind feel they chose a laser pistol to avoid having to animate recoil. It’s just awesome that no part of his body moves at all. Thank you lazy animators, you’ve made this post possible.

– Boris

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