The Franco-McBride Grill Express

Hey kids! Want to buy some drugs?

Before we get underway on our grill filled journey, I’d just like to make a small PSA regarding the narcotic substance at the center of this movie’s plot line:

From this you can clearly see the negative impact it’s had on Bill Hader.

Here at Grill Wilson, we¬† promote a drug-free lifestyle, and actively encourage healthy recreational alternatives. Like blogging about frame grabs from 80’s action movies. So, we shouldn’t need to remind you that in the grand old US of A, Mary Jane is, with exception for California’s “medicinal” stash, 100%…


Of course, that does little to stop our main characters from regular violation of this law. Seen here, Dale Denton (Seth Rogen), is cruising to pick up his high-school girlfriend while smoking a J and listening to Eddie Grant’s Electric Avenue. The guys in the convertible were playing the same track, but for entirely different reasons.

Though, the mood is quickly spoiled at the school by a teacher with a face that anybody would love to hate (a burden shouldered by Joe Lo Truglio).


“I see you don’t have a Visitor’s Badge, that’s why I ask.”

Oh, what’s this? Your girlfriend left her gym shorts in this dude’s car? This shot has one of the best background grills I’ve seen to date.

Hard cut to one of the main contributors to this post, our main man James Franco, playing Saul Silver, Dale’s pot dealer and reluctant-at-first-but-soon-to-be best friend.

Now, Dale thinks Saul has nothing to offer beyond their business relationship, but little does he know that Saul is only in the game to help pay for his “Bubbe’s” retirement home. This is also our first hint at potential bromance.

A model grandson, oil on canvas.

Of course, they’ll always be able to see eye-to-eye on their favorite past time. Here Dale hacks up his toke on Saul’s latest creation the “cross joint”. Saul lets our a Marine inspired “OOOH-AAAH”.

Here Saul is entertained by Dale’s story of going to meet his high-school girlfriend.

Dale starts to explain his jealousy of his girlfiend’s classmates, who do good impressions of Jeff Goldblum, to which Saul lets out the amazing one liner, “What? Fuck Jeff Goldblum, man!”

Saul’s expression while listening Dale’s excuses for not wanting to hang out with his drug dealer.

Dale, witnessing the execution of an “Asian” crime boss while parked across the street from Ted Jones (Gary Cole), the man in charge of the local drug ring. Here he makes the fatal mistake of dropping his Pineapple Express roach on the ground, tracing him back to Saul and starting the chase that becomes the rest of the movie. Dale races back to Saul’s place, then the two hide out in the woods.

Enter Matheson (Craig Robinson), one of Ted’s two main henchmen. Here he takes a hit off one of Saul’s still lit joints. Oh Matheson.

While in the woods, the bromance grows. Saul is seen here thanking Dale deeply for a compliment he didn’t give. Franco’s reactions are basically priceless throughout, and I’ve done my best to cull them down to the very best. Bear with me if you feel Franco overload.

So, now their plan is to meet up with Red, Saul’s supplier, second in line to Ted Jones, whom Dale just saw take out the Asian gangster, execution style.

The Interrogation, C-Print, courtesy of the artist.

An incredible tableaux at Red’s house, where the team of Matheson and “Budlofsky” (Kevin Corrigan) grill Red into calling Saul to find out where they are. Red (Danny McBride) seen here sporting his “kimono”, presumably no pants, and a pair of UGGz. Amazing.

Matheson seen here laying on the pressure. Red has a crisis of conscious as he is forced to rat out his friend.

Red, immediately folding, finds out where his buddy Saul is headed and tells Matheson.

After spending a night and most of the day on the lamb in the woods, the two hitch over to Reds after Dale’s car won’t start. Franco again seen really developing his character.

Knock Knock, who’s there? It’s James Franco!

Red, conjuring up an excuse when Saul and Dale ask about his busted lip and the fact that he’s obviously been crying. He comes up with cold-sore and herpes, combined.

Red and Dale don’t get off to a good start. In this scene they argue about who is acting more Chill. Red is making a “fucking cake” for his dead cat’s birthday. “Look what I’m wearing…pfft… Kimono dog.”

The peace doesn’t last long. Red frisbee tosses an ashtray, hiting Dale in the forehead. Saul, who just took a massive hit off of “Bong Mitzvah”, thought that wasn’t cool and tried to calm Red down. Red proceeds to bitch-slap Saul, then blast him with loogie:

“Owwwwwwww!” Franco exclaims, thinking he caught some of the herpes from Red’s busted lip.

Red goes for the dust-buster, an obvious weapon choice.

Dale tags back in.

Saul is down after Red stomped him out with his UGGz.

Red then runs away and locks himself in the bathroom, which brings us to our first awesome obvious stunt double shot of the film:

Saul and Red, clearly played by Franco and Rogen, bust through the door.

We can also see Danny McBride performing his own stunts.

Red calls for a time-out. Saul agrees on the truce. Red runs out of the room like a little bitch.

Saul ain’t happy about this, and drops a front on Red, blasting him back into an armoire.

Saul dropping another front on Red.

Saul smashes “Bong Mitzvah” on the back of Red’s finely sculpted hair piece, ending the fight.

Red, worked over, being (poorly) duct-taped to his grandfather’s wheelchair.

Red wakes up and attempts to “flex and bust out” of the duct-tape. He can’t do it.

Right after this, the guys hear a car roll up and freak out. Red apologizes, says he will lie and stall Ted’s henchmen, then tells them to run out the back door.

Again, Red folds immediately and explains in detail that both guys, using full names, were just there and ran out the back door.

Matheson phones in to Ted, updating him on the situation and asking what to do with Red. Ted also needs confirmation that Dale is not asian, or in the asian drug ring.

Unfortuantely, Ted’s orders were to cap Red, seen here catching a second shot to the gut. Matheson shot him the first time for commenting on his British Knights from 1987, tracking mud all over his brand new carpet. “You shot me in the stomach! I’m gonna die now, probably.”

Saul and Dale make their escape, but Dale needs to warn his girlfriend about everything before they can hide out.

This doesn’t play out so well for Dale, as her dad (Ed Begely Jr.) pulls a gun on him. I never thought I’d be posting a Ed Begely Jr. grill.

Meanwhile, Saul is sitting on the curb playing with a Fruit Roll-Up.

Matheson pulls up out front too, clearly excited about the pursuit.

He runs in to warn Dale, but Dale’s girlfriend stabs him with a fork. Somehow they manage their escape and the family hides out at a local motel.

We cut back to a phone call between Ted and the Asian crime boss. This is a classic Asian Boss pose.

The Asian Boss doesn’t know anything about Dale Denton, but senses Ted is in a panic.

Ted, in a panic, throwing a fit after starting a gang war with the Asians over the phone.

In the meanwhile, Saul and Dale apparently climbed a tree and started smoking again. They plan on skipping town but are short on cash. Dale reminds Saul how good he is at selling drugs, and that they’d make the cash in no time. Bromance.

Definitely not a grill, but come’on, it’s Franco doing the worm after selling weed to high-school kids.

Saul goes to buy some snacks and Dale gets busted immediately.

Saul sees Dale getting booked and hatches an ingenious plan to save him: stand in front of the moving cop car. Here we can see Franco performing his own stunts again. The deep-burgundy raspberry slushie was a great prop choice here.

The guys end up stealing the cop car, leading a chase with the corrupt cop shooting at them. Here is one of the innocent bystanders, getting tagged in the arm by a shot meant for Saul.

Man lost at a bus stop, C-Print, courtesy of the artist.

The good times couldn’t roll on forever, and Dale ends up yelling at Saul unnecessarily after dumping / being dumped by his girlfriend-in-hiding.

Saul taking a bite into a tear burger, an emotional scene on a playground. Can the boys settle their differences? Will Matheson and Budlofsky catch them before they mend their friendship? Is Red dead? All this and more will be answered in Part 2.

Really, I’m just splitting this up so its not too unwieldy.

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