Just taking a look back through some of the iPad and now iPhone 4 executive testimonials. This is some moving stuff ladies and gentleman. To be honest, I wasn’t really sold on either product until I saw the broad range of emotion expressed by Scott Forstall, director of iPhone (now iOS?) software. Sell us on it Scott:

Up next, the charm and sincerity of Jony Ive’s British accent. He could have been convincing you to agree with Kim Jong-Il’s political agenda for all you cared, you were already misty-eyed and pulling out your credit card.

“It’s magical.”

Now for the hard sell Apple brings out Phil Shiller, Senior VP of Worldwide product marketing.

“Now I’m not gonna tell you again…”

And finally, some shots from the press conference.

Scott, can you tell us again how amazing that App Store is? Can you tell us in gestures? Don’t worry, if you can’t I’m sure El Presidenté can help us out.

This is a metaphor.

So the iPad was busy lining fanboy’s panties until the latest anticipate release, the iPhone 4. This of course, brought a whole new caliber of iExpressions to the table.

A true family experience.


“It’s good.”

“You’ve got to believe me!”


Even Activision’s Senior VP Karthik Bala is lovin’ it… maybe a little too much. You can’t see all the money falling out of his pockets from this angle.

So, all in all, a pretty compelling case for two nearly identical products. With nearly identical sales pitches to match. I guess I should keep this up to date though… Guys, how’s that reception issue playing out for you?

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  1. This was almost impossible to read, you gotta keep the captions under the photos and leave some spacing for the next thought.

    and i do believe him.. i really do

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