These Grillz are from Sweden! Isn’t dat veird!?

So, maybe this needs an explanation. These are two dudes from Sweden who have a YouTube show called Ninja Moped. They show about 3 minutes of lego created stop motion animation based off your favorite NES games and then take the remaining 7 minutes or so to be eccentric and talk about trivia. To be honest, the show aint that great, besides the sweet lego stop motion. But don’t fret, I squeezed the very best grill potential from the first three episodes.

Each episode starts out with a different pose from the duo, and as you can see, they love to pose.

Them Hobbit feet are a wonder to behold!

How about this?

So there’s a lot to bite off and chew here. First, bearded man’s shirt is absolutely FABULOUS!!! But really, where do you buy digs like that? Their complete lack of interest is also great. My theory is that they feel that their clothes will do all the talking.

Bearded guy is starting to get the idea and decides to smile. This helps a little, even though he also looks like he might stab you to death and eat you after the show.

Non-bearded dude, goes through the same transformation on a more personal level. He’s so bored, his eyes are starting to roll into the back of his skull, but then…

he pulls a creepy smile that manages to make you feel more uncomfortable than welcomed.

This guy is the definition of a “Cheesin Grill”.

What’s that!? He also does surprised!?!?

Hiiieeewww!! He also does impressions of us doing impressions of Li Tan in College.

Respect the foreign grillz, yalls. They got mad game in Sweden.

2 thoughts on “These Grillz are from Sweden! Isn’t dat veird!?”

  1. Oh baby! While bearded guy is clearly amazing, the other dude destroyed me with his vacant face, lookin’ like Tom Cruise at the end of Vanilla Sky. And their wardrobe is so swank it’s killer! Also the brown part of Beardo’s sweater looks like it’s body hair, or some disgusting extension of his gnarly beard.


  2. Thank you for such an amazing tribute to my late Fraternal Twin Brother Chip – he would have loved this!

    RIP Chip – everyone in Holton Loves and Misses you!

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