“…I hope you leave enough room for my fist…”

Try and keep pace with Ben Richards as we enter the world of The Running Man.

Ben is introduced as a military pilot serving his dystopian society with pride and honor. A model citizen in every way. Right up until he disobeys orders to fire upon innocent people.

“There are lots of women and children down there… only wanting some food for GAD SAKE.”

“The hell with you!”


Ben is apprehended by the crew on orders from above, framing him for the incident and ruining his good name.

Ben with a “foreshadowing Hard Times®” face.

Ben serving up that Hard Times® face complete with grizzled beard.

It’s riot time baby! Get in there Arnie!

“Give you a lift?”

Guns held close to chest? Check!

Riot’s over! Make a break for it Arnie!

The Missing Link Stride®

“Somebody’s watching me”

In the safety of the uprising headquarters, Ben gets his rationed cigar and bargains to have his explosive neck band removed.

A neck band blowing up.

Laughlin (Yaphet Kotto) catches some heat on that one too. Man, I would never have pictured casting him as a dude named Laughlin.

Collar off, Ben heads out to put in some real work.

I dare say, have we ever seen such artful shots of Arnold?

Beard Echo Location.

Ben’s beard detects something strange… He thinks someone is squatting in his brother’s old apartment. Someone’s in… the TV is on.

Wait, is that you Jesse Ventura?

YES, IT IS! Though, in the running man world you’d better call him Captain Freedom, buster.

Time for the gun show. Boom.


Followed by the “just don’t show the legs” show. This guy is propped up on toothpicks.

Sorry big guy, I couldn’t help myself.

To Ben’s surprise, he finds women’s clothing strew about his brother’s place. He didn’t expect to find the beautiful Amber Mendez (Maria Conchita Alonso) was now living there. Here Amber is disgusted by the news of this killer on the loose.

We’re sorry to interrupt the regularly scheduled broadcast,
but a door to door search is underway for escapee Benjamin Richards, also know as the Butcher of Bakersfield.

I think she was more surprised to find Ben during her sit-up routine.

Here Ben reappears in his underwear for no apparent reason. Was he sleeping in the 5 minute window between B&E and Amber returning from work? Was it just really hot in there? There are just too many possibilities.

She willingly informs him that the previous tenant had been taken away for “re-education.”

They laugh about the situation over a cup of coffee.

Turns out they really hit it off! Amber informs Ben that she is the musician responsible for the state TV network theme song, to which he replies with the legendary “You must be very proud of yourself” line. Charmed, she invites Ben to go on a vacation together using her government issued travel pass. Where to, darling?

Looks like we’ve got an exciting trip ahead! Don’t touch that dial…

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