Fast & Furious: The Return

“Calling all Grill Wilson readers, this is your boy Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel). I took a little break from the series but that tiny cameo in Tokyo Drift reminded me what I was missing out on. ” Let’s see if the old boy still has it in him to do major level grill work.

Dom’s head is in the process of being swallowed by his shoulder’s here. It doesn’t look too comfortable.

Not content to simply play Dominic’s arm candy, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), makes a deposit to the grill bank.

Letty also saw fit to drop this triangle/football face twofer on us.

Reggaton Star/Disposable wheelman Tego Calderon, playing simply…Tego, gifted us all this face/hat combo. That’s all we”ll be getting from him in this movie so savor it.

Diesel has regained the twinkle in his eyes we thought he lost somewhere between xXx and The Pacifier, and I for one couldn’t be happier.

This random truck driver is just trying to get through his day while Toretto and his crew are after his payload. To ease his pain he yanks on his chain.

You get the sense that Diesel is literally “gearing up” for something big.

….and there it is. He went full Tyrannosaurus Rex on us. Dinosaur teeth.

With the help of some movie magic Toretto is going about 100mph in reverse, which we all know isn’t actually possible (Hey, it’s a movie). Its that little extra bit of flair exhibited by his arm daintily resting on the door in a call back to a frame from the original movie that really sets this one off. I feel like we’re coming full circle.

Letty is going full-Cavewoman while Dom is cooler than the other side of the pillow behind the wheel.

I know what you’re thinking, “Didn’t Han (Sung Kang) burn alive in a mangled RX-7 steel coffin in Tokyo Drift?” He sure did, but this movie takes place chronologically before the last movie, so we reap the benefits in the form of this pursed triangle mouth special.

Our first blip of the brodar or bromance radar (and most definitely not our last) is seen in this wry smile from the Diesel.

Afraid of taking his bromance too far, Han turns away while chomping on some crackers and nodding his head to the new Don Omar joint.

Not to be outdone by his co-star, Fast & Furious also marks the return of master thespian Paul Walker reprising his role of Brian O’Conner. In his first scene of the movie he forgoes the pleasures of driving and using NOS in favor of a good old fashioned chase on foot.

“I feel like I’ve been in this position before…..” Brian thought.

You were Brian, but last time you drew a gun from out of nowhere you were in an orange Supra and in a controlled power slide. The next couple of grills will speak for themselves, watch as Paul Walker actually tries to act for a change.

….And he sticks the landing. We knew you had it in you Paul.

Brian sense his souls counterpoint in another, and it can only be one person. That’s right, you know who it is.


Before rekindling is friendship/bromance with Dom, Brian straight up assaults this sandwich.

For a follow up he chews it down like he’s Smarty Jones.

This random grease monkey is getting chocked out right now, and dude is only using one hand to do it. Who can it beeee now?

Toretto is looking for answers about who killed Letty, all while holding up a 400-500 pound engine with his spare hand.

Vin Diesel is seen here taking on his own limitations as an actor, and it looks like the limitations are holding their own. Paul Walker looks on in awe as he’s long since accepted that he isn’t winning any acting awards.

You can’t see it here, but Toretto is dangling this cat out of a window by his feet, like five stories up. Let it be known that he will murder you for information.

“Don’t do it Dom, there’s another way.” Brian pleaded.

“Okay O’Conner, we’ll play it your way. I’ve missed you dearly by the way.” Dominic replied.

To Be Continued in Part II

— Boris

2 thoughts on “Fast & Furious: The Return”

  1. That Han cattle-jaw gif is epic. Deer-in-headlights O’Conner was handed to you on a silver platter and boy does it shine. T-Rex DOM is going full force. With just a little more foreshortening it might have been complete with a T-Rex baby arm gripping the wheel.

    Also, I love how you took time to give Tego CALDERON a shout out for that fashion statement. That’s what I love about this site, we don’t skip past the bit characters. If anything, we put them on a pedestal of search results they might not otherwise achieve during their respective careers.

    Grill Wilson, padding Google Image Search results since 2007.

  2. On second take, the chewing action in this post is bar none. Smarty Jones burger time is killing me. You know someone is doin’ work on their grub when you can see the joints up in the temple flexin’

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