2 thoughts on “Grill The Planet!!!”

  1. This is a grill post paradigm shift. People browsing with Lynx are gonna miss out on the witty descriptions, but people browsing with Lynx are probably still using the computers shown in Hackers. Screw them, man!

    Budget John Leguizamo is also part budget Johnny Depp and budget Keanu Reeves. That guy has amazing poor man’s versatility.

    Also, traffic safety green lips guy, or should I say Chartreuse Smackers, was a great find. That guy appears to have eaten a hot-dog with Fukushima mustard, washing it down with a bucket of sign paint. The Mr. Popo of the Hackers world.

    Also, great idea’s for the sequel which didn’t pan out:
    “Hackers'”: The Hackers family find themselves in hilarious circumstances after the release of “Hackers”
    “Hacker’s”: The gang goes up to Hacker’s Lake for wacky, offline summer antics.
    “Hack’ers”: Hack High football quarterback gets injured and trades places with the computer club president. Ahead of its time.

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