Happy Summertime.

Our old friend Donnie Wahlberg just got a fresh TXT MSG on his cellular phone, it reads “HAPPY SUMMERTIME!!” To commemorate the season, I (and the New Kids on the Block) give you all this special post, as a way to bring a little more sunshine to your lives..

Donnie can’t quite tell if he wants to be shooting this music video or murdering the cameraman. He also looks like heĀ couldĀ use a nap, or a shirt.

Danny Wood is just happy to be employed (again). He’s the least important member of the group, he kind of knows it, but won’t let that spoil his buzz. Party on Danny, party on…

Joey McIntyre tried to make his head fill the entire frame, and came damn close. Something tells me he could have given a little more effort on the grill work though. He’s got funnier faces in there somewhere.

Now that’s more like it Joey. I don’t know where your sourced that one from but you need to keep going to that place.

Donnie thought for a second someone was trying to take his shine away from him, but his natural grilling abilities shine through.

Danny all of a sudden looks like he’d be more at home in a zoo. How did he change the shape of his head so much between shots.

There’s Donnie again. “Y’all can’t take my shine away…..Y’all can’t take my SHIIIIIINE AWAYYYYY!!!!”

Jordan Knight is hamming it up here in front of his brother Jon, who is trying to be just visible enough that you know he exists, but not enough to be a center of attention.

Jordan is coming in for the landing……and he NAILS IT!!!

Danny (again) is just happy to be here. Happy Summertime Y’all.

Your old Pal,

Jack Boris

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