“…because I’m going to RAM it…”

“At least one of us dressed for the occasion.” said Ben casually at the check-in counter.

But how did their bogus trip to The Aloha State pan out?

Oh Ben, we believed you.

He’s bookin’ it. Sadly even that stride couldn’t outrun the CADRE Mad Max squad.

Infinite Arnold. Conceptually, this might be the best Arnold grill in the entire movie. Next to his beard scenes of course.

Sorry buddy, you got got. Time to induct you into the Cadre Justice System…

…aka The Running Man show. First challenge: Surviving the Mysterious Luge of Grills™:

I think Ben just fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Laughlin is about to loose it.

And this guy? Marvin J. (see Short Circuit)? Oh man.

But wait… surely they wouldn’t subject our beautiful Amber to the same fate?

Leave it to Captain Freedom to sidle in on the display with a resounding “You’d better believe it, sister!” (note: Watch the of the mustachioed guy the background, he has a vital role later on.)

Amber! You bastards!

YEAAAAAH! Enter the Yuppie Yellers (as credited). They will be rooting for all the wrong reasons from here on.

Killain loves it up until the point where Ben hockey fights Subzero to the death.

With one false hero slain, the crowd looks on in disappointment.

“Hey, Killian! Here’s Subzero! Now… plain zero!” -Ben

Rest In Peace, Subzero (Prof. Toru Tanaka), you will be briefly missed. Lest we forget the remaining three challengers! What’s in store for our heroes next?

A whole lot more where this came from! YEAAAAAAAAAH!

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