“Is THIS your card?”

Nope! This is Deadfall, from the year 1993. Say goodbye to Michael’s little Biehns, because this is the last you’re going to see of him.

While he’s not the main character, and even though he’s only in about 1/4 of it, this film is all about Nic Cage.

“Huuuunggghhh YEAH!”

Cage is wasted the entire time. 60% drunk + 60% high, all the time, every time.

Matter of fact, he’s…

… getting…

… high…

… right now!

“I give my performance… one thumb up.”

Sorry to hear that, Nic, because I’d give it two.

My man’s lookin’ slick!

This is why convertibles were invented.

“Now I wanna be drunk!”

No photochop at all, I swear.

Carefully counting out those benjamins to pay for two shots.

Do not interrupt Nic Cage while he’s counting.

“Nah, it’s ok. Who wants some Chiclets?”

Right after snorting some nose candy.

Back to getting his drank on.

I love this pose. He holds it for a good five seconds while screaming, like an angry child.

“Who ate all the grandma candy?!”

“Let me just do a little more blow…”

“… so’s I can continue this tantrum.”

And now he’s all tuckered out. Time for bed, young man!

Say cheese.

“Ha ha, I get it! ‘Cause I’m cheesin’!”

“OR AM I?”

Ok, this one was ‘shopped. And I guess I lied about there being no more Michael Biehn…

Pretty sure that rat-like schnoz is partially prosthetic.

And if you were wondering about his hair this whole time- yes, it WAS a wig! Spoilers!

This piece is worth watching, at least for Nic Cage. His spoken lines are amazing, by the way, and that’s not something we’re able to capture in this forum. So do yourself a favor and check out Deadfall. The real party starts about 20 minutes in, for those who are just interested in the Cage Rage. Or just go here.



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