Rise of the Franco

Another Red Carpet Grillmiere is upon us and this time its Franco’s turn to party. He didn’t come alone though. John Lithgow was there, as well as his growing cranium. Harry potter rivals Rupert Grint and Tom Felton showed too, proving that grills heal all wounds. So lets get right to it.

Franco might be warning Lithgow that he just farted. But Lithgow LOVES IT!

You can look, but please don’t touch.

Tom Felton arrived looking very sparkly.

Lithgow might be breaching the 5 head and going right into the 6 head.

Serkis showed up still in character as the ape from the movie.

It wasn’t pretty.

Even this random producer came out swinging, giving us his best impression of Steve Carrell as Brick from Anchorman.

Franco looks upset. Maybe Felton’s moving in on his girl.

“You peepin’ at my girl!?”

After the small scuffle, the two made up. Bromance, engaged!!

Franco is already bored with his newly found bromance.

Luckily Rupert Grint shows up to keep the bromance going. He’s clearly crazy about Felton.

And Felton clearly loves it.

Franco couldn’t be happier for this new relationship.

Meanwhile Lithgow is moving in on Franco’s girl. This is right before he erotically smelled her head.

It wasn’t ok. Lithgow couldn’t be happier though.

“Hey Felton! Check out the new shades!”

“It’s a twofer!”

Bromance, prolonged!

Grint trudges away with satisfaction.

Franco’s straight up cheesin’ in this one.

After a long evening of grillin’, Franco is starting to feel the need to drain the lizard.

“Just kidding, I just peed on felton’s car 5 minutes ago.”

Thats all folks. Lets just hope the movie carries even more grilltential. Anybody for a “What is Franco thinking” photoshop contest?

3 thoughts on “Rise of the Franco”

  1. Man, it’s like Felton and Lithgow are having a forehead battle. Lithgow has some height, but Felton’s got that girth. A headbutt battle is the only way to settle this. My money’s on Felton!

  2. Man, that random producer. I didn’t know it was possible to get 400% face in one picture. Also, Franco looks a little more sedated than usual. Maybe they used some of those Gorilla tranqs on him to keep him civil.

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