Fast and Furious: 2bros 2gether, again.


Y’all thought I forgot about my old faithful, the Fast Franchi$e, but I assure that I have not. This grill casserole has been in the oven for quite some time, its not loaded with peas and rice and shit, just pure unfiltered grill magic. Homeboy Campos (John Ortiz) is ready to get this show on the road. I myself am pretty much ready to get this show on the road. Let’s do this.

4fast__0122_Layer 2

Toretto (Vin Diesel)  is in his pre-race relaxation state. The calm before the storm if you will.


He just turned on some Dutty Rock by Sean Paul. Now he’s ready to take on the world.


Uhh, you know what it is….Everything I do, I do big. Fenix (Laz Alonso) is also getting his nod on.


Toretto is fondling that NOS® knob a little too eagerly if you ask me.

4fast__0104_Layer 20

Diesel is getting a bad feeling right about now.

4fast__0103_Layer 21

Maybe its cause Fenix is got a full face “Ima pull a gun on you!” thing going on.

4fast__0102_Layer 22

It’s a shame he’s holding the gun out so far, I was hoping to use the tag “Guns held close to chest” on this post.

4fast__0101_Layer 23

Fenix notices Toretto out of the corner of his eye.

4fast__0098_Layer 26

“Did you say something to me Toretto??” Fenix angrily inquired.

4fast__0097_Layer 27


4fast__0096_Layer 28

“I smell something funny.”

4fast__0095_Layer 29

“You just farted didn’t you brah?”

4fast__0094_Layer 30


4fast__0093_Layer 31

“……Yes” Toretto shamefully admitted.

4fast__0091_Layer 33

In order to protect Toretto’s honor, O’Conner (Paul Walker) decides he’s only got one choice….

4fast__0090_Layer 34

… to start blasting fools with his baby-Uzi.

4fast__0089_Layer 35

Look at how closely he’s holding that gun to his chest. I LOOOOOOOVE IT!!!

4fast__0085_Layer 39

O’Conner is happy to be back with his old flame Mia (Jordana Brewster), and his number one broseph Dominic.

4fast__0083_Layer 41

While Dom was throwing back his Corona Extra ®.

4fast__0084_Layer 40

He realizes that no one blessed the shitty Chinese food they were eating, so he slammed down his Corona Extra ® so he could get his grace saying on.

4fast__0082_Layer 42

O’Conner tells Dom that he was working with Letty (Dom’s longtime lover) when she got straight up murdered by Fenix.

4fast__0081_Layer 43

This news upsets Dominic.


O’Conner keeps trying to get out of Toretto’s clutches, but he ain’t letting go.

4fast__0074_Layer 50

“How could you do this to me bro??” Toretto pleaded.

4fast__0071_Layer 53

“I’m sorry Dom!!! I’M SARRRRRY!!!” screamed Brian.

4fast__0070_Layer 54

“But she’s gone Brian, she’s not coming back!!” Dom replied loudly.


While Mia was screaming at the two of them to stop rolling around on the ground with each other, she dropped this grill gem on us. Fortunately for us they don’t stop.

4fast__0067_Layer 57

Dom fights like an aggressive caveman, and Brian is more like a cat that goes to its back and swings its legs furiously at you.

4fast__0066_Layer 58

Dom was going to throw another punch, but he realized that he was becoming bored of this exercise.

4fast__0064_Layer 60

Paul Walker’s legs look like they are from a mannequin or something as Diesel is about to jackknife him.

4fast__0063_Layer 61

We’re now at the point in the post where Paul Walker tries to win it all.

4fast__0062_Layer 62

“Dom, don’t jackknife me bro.” Brian asks politely.

4fast__0061_Layer 63


4fast__0060_Layer 64


4fast__0059_Layer 65


4fast__0058_Layer 66


4fast__0057_Layer 67


4fast__0054_Layer 70


4fast__0055_Layer 69

“I love you Dom, let’s got kill that puta bitch that killed Letty together… in Part Four (of Four).” said Brian.

See Y’all, later for the end of the 4fast 4furious grill excursion.

– Boris

2 thoughts on “Fast and Furious: 2bros 2gether, again.”

  1. This post made me realize I (eventually) need to re-watch this one.

    For example, I have no recollection of O’Conner wielding a baby uzi, let alone so close to his chest. Incredible!

    I have nothing but the utmost respect for the Toretto family morals. No matter how dirty their meal, they have time for a confused part latin, part italian serious prayer moment. Man, the cut right from Lo Mein to “Whoa Mang!” rigid-armed choke hold is a thing of beauty. I love the fact we can see Dom’s pursed lips from behind his head. Also, that Brian’s only rebuttal is to try and dribble Dom’s head.

    Like a lizard that breaks off it’s tail in fear, Brian seems to detach his muppet legs after wrapping them around Dom’s neck. I want there to be a deleted scene that cuts back to a wide angle of Dom tossing a limp, full bodied O’Conner dummy across the room, collapsing in an anatomically incorrect manner against the wall and floor.

    I really wish they played that “what-cho watch-yo watchyo BACK!” song during this scene as a throwback to the first movie.

    Dom’s “emotion” face agrees.

  2. This is good. That first gif of Dom head bobbin’ is tight. And man, I don’t remember that baby uzi part either. Good stuff. And check out Dom’s Corono Extra- he must have set that thing down mad fast once he realized no one said grace. It’s foaming over. The gif with Brian squashing Dom’s Tempur-Pedic® vacant face is killing me. Matt, your muppet-legs comment slayed me too. Can’t wait for part 4!

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