Happy Malentine’s Day 2013!

Tango_Cash_0126_Layer 127

Once again it’s Malentine’s Day-  time for flowers, chocolates, and buddy cop bromantic comedies. This year we’ll be taking a look at Tango & Cash, the smash hit from 1989. Pretty sure it won Best Picture that year, but I could be mistaken. Anyway, Let’s meet our two heroes!

Tango_Cash_0000_Layer 1

We’ll start with Ray Tango. I think Roy Tango sounds better though, seems like a missed opportunity.

Tango_Cash_0001_Layer 2

Roy’s a cop, and a damn good one at that. Let’s see who he’s up against.


Looks like Slash, and…


…possibly Quagmire.

Tango_Cash_0002_Layer 3

Regardless, Ray Tango is coiffed and fully prepared.

Tango_Cash_0007_Layer 8

Looks like Tango is taking some guff from a State Trooper.


“Yup, that’s some good blow.”

Tango_Cash_0010_Layer 11

Here’s Jack Palance, our lovable villain, growing increasingly impatient. “When are you gonna introduce Gabriel Cash?!”

Alright, alright, here he comes now:

Tango_Cash_0011_Layer 12

Obviously, it’s our boy Kurt Russell.

Tango_Cash_0013_Layer 14

Gabe Cash is also a cop, also damn good at his job.

Tango_Cash_0014_Layer 15

Grabbing a quick bite to eat.

Tango_Cash_0018_Layer 19

Admiring his impressive mane in the mirror.

Tango_Cash_0019_Layer 20

“What’s that noise?”

Tango_Cash_0020_Layer 21

A dude busts through the mirror and shoots the sandwich out of Cash’s hand.

Tango_Cash_0021_Layer 22

Cash, in pursuit of his attacker, thoughts of lost pastrami and hard cheeses dancing behind those hungry eyes.

Tango_Cash_0022_Layer 23

“Hey! That’s-a my car!!”

Tango_Cash_0023_Layer 24

“Your car? What about my lunch?!”

Tango_Cash_0025_Layer 26

“That grinder cost me $3.78.”

Tango_Cash_0028_Layer 29

Cash will do anything to get his man.


“I never learned how to drive!”

Tango_Cash_0030_Layer 31

“My car!!!”


How can you stay mad at that face?

You know what? You can’t.

Tango_Cash_0036_Layer 37

“Hey Cash, I just ate four hoagies, two in each hand.”

Tango_Cash_0037_Layer 38

Act 1 resolves with Cash settling for a slice of Pizza.

Tango_Cash_0038_Layer 39

And Act 2 begins with the mystery of the missing slice. “Ok, who took my slice? Was it you?”

Tango_Cash_0039_Layer 40

“Or was it you, with the greasy lips?”

Tango_Cash_0041_Layer 42

Poor Cash can’t catch a break.

Tango_Cash_0042_Layer 43

“Cash, I swear, it wasn’t me!”

Tango_Cash_0043_Layer 44

“Whatever you say, pizza-breath.”

Tango_Cash_0045_Layer 46

Looks like Palance is doing a little grilling of his own.

Tango_Cash_0050_Layer 51

“James Hong, entertain me!”

Tango_Cash_0051_Layer 52

“Uh, I mean- pretty please?”


“Sure thing, Jack-o.”

Tango_Cash_0052_Layer 53

Tango_Cash_0053_Layer 54

At this point, Tango and Cash are forced to pair up. What follows is a an abridged, yet accurate depiction of their ‘We’re gonna have to work together’ conversation.

Tango_Cash_0054_Layer 55

Tango_Cash_0055_Layer 56

Tango_Cash_0056_Layer 57

Tango_Cash_0057_Layer 58

Tango_Cash_0058_Layer 59

Tango_Cash_0059_Layer 60

Tango_Cash_0060_Layer 61

Tango_Cash_0063_Layer 64

Some heavy stuff, but it looks like they’ve worked it out.


Tango_Cash_0065_Layer 66

Here’s the part of the movie where they point their guns and start yelling.


Tango_Cash_0071_Layer 72

“Wait, I thought you paid for that pizza?”

Tango_Cash_0072_Layer 73

“No, I just paid for those four hoagies.”

Tango_Cash_0073_Layer 74

This is the top brass.

Tango_Cash_0074_Layer 75

And here’s a nice grill-laden newspaper clipping.


Tango_Cash_0077_Layer 78

“Man, I wish I had another seven hoagies right about now.”

Tango_Cash_0078_Layer 79


Tango_Cash_0079_Layer 80

“SEVEN?! I thought you said you only had four?”

Tango_Cash_0101_Layer 102

“Is this true, Mr. Tango? Did you truly consume seven hoagies on the day in question?”

Tango_Cash_0080_Layer 81

“Alright Roy, let’s think about this.”

Tango_Cash_0081_Layer 82

“Get a closeup of me thinking.”


“Hey Tango, check out my muscle.”


“Whoa, nice! I mean- This is serious Cash! Stop goofing around!”


“This is serious, Cash. Stop goofing around, Cash.”

Tango_Cash_0088_Layer 89

“Ok, ok, let’s tell ’em that I had the other three hoagies.”

Tango_Cash_0084_Layer 85

“And then, you go buy me three hoagies.”

Tango_Cash_0085_Layer 86

Tango_Cash_0089_Layer 90

“And then I eat ’em. How does that sound?”

Tango_Cash_0098_Layer 99

“It’s worth a shot. Let’s see what the judge says.”


“Alright, let’s do this. I’m starving and I got the shakes.”

Tango_Cash_0105_Layer 106

“Your Honor?”

Tango_Cash_0102_Layer 103


Tango_Cash_0103_Layer 104

More anticipation…


“I ate the other three hoagies like this!”

Tango_Cash_0107_Layer 108

Complete pandemonium.

Tango_Cash_0104_Layer 105


At this point you may be asking yourself, “Self, where’s the bromance?”

Well it starts now:

Tango_Cash_0109_Layer 110

Nothing says Malentine’s Day better than two naked dudes in prison, taking a shower together.

Tango_Cash_0110_Layer 111

Tango_Cash_0114_Layer 115


Tango_Cash_0116_Layer 117

“Aughhh, smells like hoagies in here.”

Tango_Cash_0118_Layer 119


Tango_Cash_0119_Layer 120

“Wasn’t me.”

Tango_Cash_0120_Layer 121

“Hey Cash, I like your hair.”

Tango_Cash_0121_Layer 122

Tango_Cash_0122_Layer 123

“Say ‘hi’ to Ron Howard’s brother for me.”

Tango_Cash_0123_Layer 124

Oh hi, Clint Howard!

Tango_Cash_0124_Layer 125

It’s your second post in a row!

Tango_Cash_0125_Layer 126

“I’m so excited.”

Tango_Cash_0127_Layer 128

Ok, so I was joking before. But THIS is what Malentine’s Day is all about. Two wrongfully accused, sweaty, muscle-y dudes wearing wife-beaters, about to fight for their lives and break out of prison. Wait, that still doesn’t quite sound right… Well, you get the idea.

Tango_Cash_0128_Layer 129

“How about a shave before the fight?”

Tango_Cash_0129_Layer 130

“Are you kidding me?”

Tango_Cash_0132_Layer 133

“Do I look like I’m kidding?”

Tango_Cash_0133_Layer 134


Tango_Cash_0134_Layer 135


“I’m ready to fight! You think this is a game, neighbor? Arf! Arf!!”


Cash’s DMX impression scared the henchman off, for now…

Tango_Cash_0137_Layer 138

“Oh boy.”

Tango_Cash_0138_Layer 139

This is Robert Z’Dar.

Tango_Cash_0139_Layer 140

His character’s name is Face.

Tango_Cash_0140_Layer 141

I’m not sure why they call him that…

Tango_Cash_0141_Layer 142

…when you’ve got Stallone pulling grills like this!

Tango_Cash_0142_Layer 143

“You think that looks weird?”

Tango_Cash_0143_Layer 144

“Check this one out!”

Tango_Cash_0148_Layer 149

It wasn’t your best work, Kurt, but no need to pout.

Tango_Cash_0149_Layer 150

“Come on Tango, let’s get out of here and grab those hoagies!”


Coppin’ a squat in the sewers.

Tango_Cash_0159_Layer 160

Tango_Cash_0160_Layer 161

Tango getting thoroughly grossed out while looking up at Cash’s pits.

Tango_Cash_0164_Layer 165

The boys finally made their daring escape, but Cash couldn’t wait and longer and began eating everything in sight.


“That wristwatch? Not bad.”

Tango_Cash_0167_Layer 168

“He ate a wristwatch?”

Tango_Cash_0168_Layer 169

Tango_Cash_0169_Layer 170

“Was it a Swatch?”

Tango_Cash_0170_Layer 171

“Show me how to make a mixtape for Tango.”

Tango_Cash_0173_Layer 174

Tango_Cash_0174_Layer 175

This is at the… gentleman’s club or whatever it is. Tango’s sister “dances” here. And “plays the drums”, er, electronic drum pads. Poorly. And the crowd LOVES it. It’s pretty bizarre.

But when the fuzz shows up at the club, there’s only one way for Cash to escape.

Tango_Cash_0176_Layer 177

Dress up as a sexy lady, obviously.

Tango_Cash_0177_Layer 178

One of the cops whistles at her, I mean him, as he leaves.


Here you go, Boris. I actually did some work on this one.

Tango_Cash_0180_Layer 181

“That watch wasn’t very satisfying. Where’s Tango with those hoagies?”

Tango_Cash_0185_Layer 186

“Oh hey Tango, did you get the hoagies?”

Tango_Cash_0186_Layer 187

“I made you a mixtape!”

Tango_Cash_0187_Layer 188

“And I helped!”

Tango_Cash_0188_Layer 189

“Ok, no I didn’t…”

Tango_Cash_0189_Layer 190

“Aww, guys, you shouldn’t have.”

Tango_Cash_0191_Layer 192

Guns held close to chest and throat. But Cash, I think you can hold a bigger gun than that even closer to your chest, couldn’t you? (foreshadowing!)

Tango_Cash_0192_Layer 193

“Man, I’m so hungry I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore. You brought those hoagies, right Tango?”

Tango_Cash_0196_Layer 197

“Oh hey Cash- I forgot! Plus, I don’t have any money on me! Hahahahaha!”

Tango_Cash_0197_Layer 198

“Hahahahaha!! I’m so hungry I don’t even care!”


“Let’s just shake all the money out of this guy’s pockets!”

Tango_Cash_0198_Layer 199

“Alright, enough with the hoagies. Let’s just finish this.”

Tango_Cash_0199_Layer 201

First they cop another squat while they hatch a plan.

Tango_Cash_0200_Layer 202

“Perfect. I’ll drive.”

Tango_Cash_0201_Layer 203


Tango_Cash_0202_Layer 204


Tango_Cash_0203_Layer 205

“They’re shooting at us!”

Tango_Cash_0204_Layer 206

“Let me hyperextend my elbow and fire back with this grill!”

Tango_Cash_0205_Layer 207

“Good thing I brought my baby gun.”

Tango_Cash_0206_Layer 208

Looks like he’s looking out one of those bubble-dome windows, lost in a McDonald’s Playland.

Tango_Cash_0207_Layer 209

Roy spits hot fire.

Tango_Cash_0208_Layer 210

“I found a bigger gun, just gotta hold it closer…”

Tango_Cash_0209_Layer 211

“…there we go!”

Tango_Cash_0210_Layer 212

Tango_Cash_0211_Layer 213

Tango_Cash_0212_Layer 214

Obligatory ‘ugly henchmen grills’.

Tango_Cash_0213_Layer 215

“They have hoagies…”

Tango_Cash_0215_Layer 217

“But they’re all rigged with C4…”

Tango_Cash_0214_Layer 216

Tango_Cash_0216_Layer 218

“I’m so hungry!!!!”

Tango_Cash_0217_Layer 219

“Nhuuhh… All the hoagies are blown up.”

Tango_Cash_0218_Layer 220

“Holy crap! I forgot to tell you- I grabbed a couple before they all exploded!”

Tango_Cash_0219_Layer 221

Tango_Cash_0221_Layer 224

Tango_Cash_0223_Layer 225

Tango_Cash_0224_Layer 226

Well, it looks like the bad guys lost their lucrative Wawa + gas station franchise, and Cash finally got to eat some real food. The End.

See you again next year, and may all your Malentine’s Day wishes come true!



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