Guest Star Purgatory, Starring Charles Quinton Murphy


Try to imagine my surprise at seeing the immortal Charlie Murphy’s name flash during the “Guest Starring” portion of Hawaii 5-0’s opening credits. The sight of it filled my heart with both a sense pure whimsy and deep sadness. For a minute there Charlie was invincible, having achieved higher approval ratings than his much more famous (and talented) brother Eddie. Fame is a fleeting thing, as seen here. Let me take you a tour of Charlie’s life as a featured guest star.


When we’re introduced to Charlie, he is playing a low level arms dealer, who sells guns to the back of Robocop’s head.


“Damn I thought I fell off, what is Peter Weller doing here?” Charlie thought to himself.


Once resident Hawaii super-cops McGarrett and Williams get the drop on Charlie, it’s time to go out in a blaze of glory. YEAHHHHHH!!!!


Upon a second look, Charlie was having some second thoughts.


* Gun held close to chest*


“Oh shit…..”


“Did we get him?” Danny Williams (Scott Caan) queried.


“Yeah Danno, we got him…..” Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) answered.

And so ends Charlie’s run on Hawaii Five-0. Better luck next time dog.


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