Devon Sawa: Redemption Song

old sawa

This picture represents a cautionary tale, one of unfulfilled promise. This is Devon Sawa, Canadian heart-throb, circa 2006. The early career success of Little Giants and Casper, all but a distant memory. Devon had by now settled for a bevy of direct to video features, all major motion picture offers had dried up. A lesser man would have called it quits. Devon Edward Sawa is not that man.

sawa__0039_Layer 0

The first thing he did was return to his beloved Canada, to rebuild his body. Armed with the physique of a Manitoban Junior Hockey league participant, he makes his return on the CW’s Nikita.

sawa__0038_Layer 1

Decked out in nothing but black GAP t-shirts and leather, he takes out chrome dome over here. Devon has spent extensive time working on his non verbal acting. Can’t you feel his intensity?

sawa__0037_Layer 2

Chromeo can, but Devon has bigger fish to fry.

sawa__0035_Layer 4

Devon takes another face for a spin. He’s really smoldering here.

sawa__0034_Layer 5

Sure, he’s looking older, but with age comes experience. This is a man ready for the world and all its challenges.

sawa__0033_Layer 6

In case you hadn’t noticed by now, Devon also visited an oral surgeon and got his teeth “fixed”. Sure they’re a little horsey, but you get used to them.

sawa__0031_Layer 8

Most people don’t know this, but your accuracy actually goes down while using a firearm with your eyes closed. Notice I said “your”, because Devon actually becomes 9% more accurate.

sawa__0030_Layer 9

Even the most fit of Canadian men, cannot look good in this position. Those are false chins ladies, no need to worry.

sawa__0029_Layer 10

The director asked Devon the best way to frame this shot, to which he replied “80% Sawa”.

sawa__0027_Layer 12

“So they’re going to add the baby Uzi in post?”

sawa__0026_Layer 13

For this face, Devon extensive studied Swarzenegger’s work in Predator. I’d say he’s captured the essence quite well.

sawa__0025_Layer 14

Let me just take a moment to celebrate Devon’s Nikita co-star Lyndsy Fonseca for this mid-speech stunner.

sawa__0024_Layer 15

“Hey, this is my post, I can do it too, see??”

sawa__0023_Layer 16

For a split second Devon thought he could one day play James Bond.

sawa__0022_Layer 17

Then he made this face.

sawa__0021_Layer 18

And this one.

sawa__0020_Layer 19

And another.

sawa__0018_Layer 21

Slow down Devon, you’re gonna hurt yourself!!

sawa__0015_Layer 24

“Nah brah, I can do this Allllllll day!!”

sawa__0012_Layer 27

Devon thinks we don’t believe him, so he’s gonna lay a symphony of grills at our feet.

sawa__0011_Layer 28


sawa__0010_Layer 29


sawa__0009_Layer 30


sawa__0008_Layer 31


sawa__0007_Layer 32



*Self Satisfaction*

sawa__0004_Layer 35

*Kirk Douglas Face*

sawa__0001_Layer 38

*I love being me Face*

sawa__0003_Layer 36

*Doesn’t care enough to sit up straight Face*

sawa__0002_Layer 37

“Hello Miss Lady…” #BabyArms #Ducksuit #Permasmile

sawa__0000_Layer 39

Great to have you back, Devon…truthfully.


Your #1 Fan,


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  1. Oh Devon, what can I say? You’re looking like a broke ass Jeremy Renner dressed up as Daniel Craig.

    Let me rephrase: Jeremy Renner and Daniel Craig’s broke ass love child.

    Mad bombed out #ducksuit

    Comment by Matt — 2013.10.09 #

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