Happy Malentine’s Day 2014!

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Welcome back, sports fans – it’s that time of year again. So sit back and relax, let’s get down to it. It’s gonna be a helluva fight. You got a great night of grillin’ tonight!

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Let’s see, first you’re going to want to hit play on this:

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Because Friday night’s a great night for football! And you know everybody needs full body contact once in a while! Wow, thanks for getting this post started, Bill Medley, with your dulcet tones AND your dulcet grills. And in case you haven’t figured it out yet, welcome to The Last Boy Scout, or as I would have titled this post (were it not Malentine’s Day), The Last Grill Scout.

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Let’s meet Joe Hallenbeck. This guy has one thing on his mind:

MalentinesDay2014_0004_Layer 5


MalentinesDay2014_0005_Layer 6

And lots of it.

MalentinesDay2014_0006_Layer 7

Oh yeah, and beer.

MalentinesDay2014_0009_Layer 10

Ah, the first of many goons to appear in this film. This is just one of Jimmy Dix’s teammates. Who is Jimmy Dix, you ask? We’ll meet him later.

MalentinesDay2014_0010_Layer 11

First let’s enjoy the goomba-rage.

MalentinesDay2014_0011_Layer 12


MalentinesDay2014_0012_Layer 13

Ok, that’s enough.

MalentinesDay2014_0013_Layer 14

Oh here’s Jimmy Dix, played by the high pitched voiced Damon Wayans.

MalentinesDay2014_0014_Layer 15


MalentinesDay2014_0015_Layer 16

Old Satan Claus, Jimmy, he’s out there. And he’s only gettin’ stronger. So be prepared, son. That’s my motto. Be prepared.

– Joe Hallenbeck.


Speaking of Joe, here he is again, sporting a greasy white T.

MalentinesDay2014_0018_Layer 19

“You know what I could go for right now?”

MalentinesDay2014_0019_Layer 20

That’s right, a cigarette. Joe goes through at least a pack or two per scene.

MalentinesDay2014_0020_Layer 21

Don’t miss Tom John’s tow truck back there.


“This area is too out-doorsy for me, I need something with more smoke.”


“That’s better iyiyiyiyiyiyiy.”
Also, this is the only image I captured with Halle Berry in it, sorry. Or should I say, you’re welcome?

MalentinesDay2014_0026_Layer 27

“Still not quite smokey enough for me.”

MalentinesDay2014_0027_Layer 28

Eddie Griffin, ladies and gentlemen.

MalentinesDay2014_0028_Layer 29

Cameo grillin’.

MalentinesDay2014_0029_Layer 30

Unable to literally inhale all the smoke in the room, Willis searches for alternatives.

MalentinesDay2014_0030_Layer 31

“This’ll have to do.”


“Smoking’s BAD for me?!”

MalentinesDay2014_0033_Layer 34

“Yeah man, it will make you look like that guy on the billboard,” he chirped.

MalentinesDay2014_0034_Layer 35


MalentinesDay2014_0035_Layer 36

“Alright, I’ll quit.”

MalentinesDay2014_0036_Layer 37

Darn, right when he decides to quit, our boy Hallenbeck is about to get a bullet in his head.

MalentinesDay2014_0037_Layer 38

Are those… horse teeth?

MalentinesDay2014_0038_Layer 39

Yes, they are!!!

MalentinesDay2014_0039_Layer 40

Bring in the goons, and get ready for a guns-held-close-to-face rampage.

MalentinesDay2014_0040_Layer 41

MalentinesDay2014_0041_Layer 42

MalentinesDay2014_0042_Layer 43

Wow, can you get that thing any closer to your ugly mug? Thanks!


“I’d best reload!”

MalentinesDay2014_0046_Layer 47

“No, you’d best hold that piece closer to your face!”

MalentinesDay2014_0047_Layer 48

“I’d best hide in the car,” squealed Jimmy.

MalentinesDay2014_0048_Layer 49

The police chief, taking a deep whiff.

MalentinesDay2014_0049_Layer 50

“You know what I learned, Jimmy? It’s guns that kill people, not delicious cigarettes.”

MalentinesDay2014_0050_Layer 51

“Boy am I getting thirsty for some beer.”

MalentinesDay2014_0051_Layer 52

“Heh heh. Look at him suckin’ down those Virginia Slims.”


“Don’t mind if I do.”

MalentinesDay2014_0054_Layer 55

Remember when I said earlier that I had only captured one image of Halle Berry?

MalentinesDay2014_0055_Layer 56

I lied. Here she is with Boss Hogg, I think.

MalentinesDay2014_0056_Layer 57

“Ah, Jimmy, I couldn’t find any beer. I’ll just slake my thirst with this Pall Mall I found on the ground over here.”


“Yeah it’s kind of dirty, but chances are I’m the one who left it there, so…”

MalentinesDay2014_0059_Layer 60


MalentinesDay2014_0060_Layer 61

“Pucker up, Jimmy. I think I hear some more goons headed this way.”

MalentinesDay2014_0061_Layer 62

“You got a problem with my wig?”

MalentinesDay2014_0062_Layer 63

“Myeah, see? I’m the brains a’ this operation, see?”

MalentinesDay2014_0063_Layer 64

“No kiddin’. You guys mind if I smoke? I haven’t had one for the past few grills.”

MalentinesDay2014_0065_Layer 66

Damon’s Prince impression.

MalentinesDay2014_0066_Layer 67

Welcome to Joe’s house. Wait, what’s his foul-mouthed daughter watching on TV? Why, it’s Lethal Weapon, of course!

MalentinesDay2014_0067_Layer 68

At first I thought this image was photoshopped, but as we’ll see later on, I’m not so sure that’s the case.

MalentinesDay2014_0068_Layer 69

Willis is actually not out of focus in this shot, there’s just so much smoke, it creates a depth of field illusion.

MalentinesDay2014_0069_Layer 70

“Jimmy, the goons are back!”

MalentinesDay2014_0070_Layer 71

Jimmy, getting swarmed by the goons.

MalentinesDay2014_0071_Layer 72

“Hi, hiya doin’.”

MalentinesDay2014_0072_Layer 73

Notice Jimmy’s ’13’ shaped hair.

MalentinesDay2014_0073_Layer 74

“‘Scuse me boys, but I don’t have time for this.”


The police chief’s second in command. His number two, if you will.

MalentinesDay2014_0076_Layer 77

Say hello to the main bad guy, Taylor Negron!

MalentinesDay2014_0077_Layer 78

I grilled a dog!

MalentinesDay2014_0078_Layer 79

See! It’s not photoshop! It’s the real Jimmy Carter! Or… some guy that looks a lot like him.

MalentinesDay2014_0079_Layer 80

“Eat lead, Carter. And don’t miss my sweet grill.”

MalentinesDay2014_0080_Layer 81

“NO! Don’t look at it!”

MalentinesDay2014_0081_Layer 82

Hard cheesin’.


“How’s it hangin’?”

MalentinesDay2014_0085_Layer 86

“Haw haw haw.”

MalentinesDay2014_0086_Layer 87

“Tee hee.”

MalentinesDay2014_0087_Layer 88

“HA HA!”

MalentinesDay2014_0088_Layer 89

“Wh- why isn’t he laughing?”

MalentinesDay2014_0089_Layer 90

“Oh man, Joe’s outta cigarettes! Get me some Winstons over here, ASAP!”

MalentinesDay2014_0090_Layer 91

“That ain’t my brand…”

MalentinesDay2014_0091_Layer 92

“Newports? Uh… yeah, that’s fine, I’ll do it.”

MalentinesDay2014_0092_Layer 93

This is that guy from the billboard.

MalentinesDay2014_0093_Layer 94

Expect more from this dude.

MalentinesDay2014_0094_Layer 95

Damon, you’re future’s so bright! (By the way, every single time I’ve typed Damon’s name, I started out typing Marlon first.)

MalentinesDay2014_0095_Layer 96


MalentinesDay2014_0096_Layer 97

Say it, don’t spray it, Taylor.


Joe’s going into withdrawl.

MalentinesDay2014_0099_Layer 100

Some decent goon grills in the background.

MalentinesDay2014_0100_Layer 101

“So what does he smoke, Camels?”

MalentinesDay2014_0101_Layer 102

“Hahaha Camels, yeah right!”


“No way, his favorite brand has got to be Kool. I mean, Kools are the koolest.”

MalentinesDay2014_0104_Layer 105

I grilled a puppet!

MalentinesDay2014_0105_Layer 106

Remember, henchmen: keep your enemies close, and keep your guns closer to your faces.

MalentinesDay2014_0106_Layer 107

John Mc- I mean Joe is about to do some stunt driving for us.

MalentinesDay2014_0107_Layer 108

With the exception of this scene, where a dummy will be filling in behind the wheel.

MalentinesDay2014_0108_Layer 109

It’s tough to see, it’s more obvious when the scene is in motion. But there are two dummies in there, one for Bruce Willis and one for Damon Wayans.

MalentinesDay2014_0109_Layer 110

Here’s a little Bruce Willis Face driving sequence.

MalentinesDay2014_0110_Layer 111

MalentinesDay2014_0111_Layer 112

MalentinesDay2014_0112_Layer 113

Clearly, that automobile does not have power steering.

MalentinesDay2014_0113_Layer 114

Has he been wearing that same greasy white T throughout the whole movie?

MalentinesDay2014_0114_Layer 115

“Smells like it.”

MalentinesDay2014_0115_Layer 116

“A real man holds his gun like this- Away from the face, close to the chest! That’s the best way to put a slug in their vest!”

MalentinesDay2014_0116_Layer 117

Here it is again, from a different angle. Goons, take note.

MalentinesDay2014_0117_Layer 118

Awkward product placement. And right in front of the women’s crapper too.

MalentinesDay2014_0118_Layer 119

Man, the light is hitting him just wrong.

MalentinesDay2014_0119_Layer 120

It’s like he has no upper lip.

MalentinesDay2014_0120_Layer 121

“It’s incredible… it’s glorious!” They used billboard guy’s choppers to reflect all that light onto Willis’ bedazzled face.

MalentinesDay2014_0121_Layer 122

“Right back atcha!”

MalentinesDay2014_0122_Layer 123

I’m not the only one who’s got this guy’s grill in my sights.

MalentinesDay2014_0123_Layer 124

You probably want to hear that Bill Medley song again, so I’ll just drop it in here so you don’t have to scroll up.

MalentinesDay2014_0124_Layer 125

Oh my, Taylor, is that really you?

MalentinesDay2014_0125_Layer 126

Holy crap, Taylor! You’re hideous! That’s terrifying! I’ll never sleep again!

MalentinesDay2014_0126_Layer 127

It’s all led up to this, boys. The climax of this grill post. I don’t know what else I can say about it. Just middle-click it (so you don’t lose Bill Medley’s… medley) and bask in the glory.

MalentinesDay2014_0127_Layer 128

And this is the denouement. Let’s ease our way back down to the end.

MalentinesDay2014_0128_Layer 129

Wow, ok. So what can the kids take away from this one, Joe? What’s the moral of the story? Friday night’s a great night for football?

MalentinesDay2014_0129_Layer 130

“Nah, that’s too damn obvious. Kids, the moral of this story is- Smoke ’em if you got ’em.”

And how. Well, see you next year, and may all your Malentine’s Day wishes come true!


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