Happy Malentine’s Day 2015!

ramboIII__0000_Layer 1

Happy Belated Malentine’s Day! I know, I know, it’s a year late. You have my deepest apologies, and I hope you enjoy what I’ve finally cooked up for you: 1988’s Rambo III.

While reading this post, I sincerely encourage you to fire up Bill Medley’s perennial classic, “Scrumpf of My Brother” – the theme to Rambo III:

[As a side note, last year’s Malentine’s Day post also featured a Bill Medley hit.]

ramboIII__0001_Layer 2

The story starts with John Rambo paying the bills by participating in some underground street fightin’, man. G-sevaaaauugn!!

ramboIII__0003_Layer 4

ramboIII__0004_Layer 5

Damn, the locals got that bloodlust.

ramboIII__0005_Layer 6

Or is it a lust for wild grills?

ramboIII__0006_Layer 7

ramboIII__0008_Layer 9

Either way, John Rambo is more than happy to oblige.

ramboIII__0009_Layer 10

Or maybe they’d prefer Jesus Stallone.

ramboIII__0010_Layer 11

Oh hi, Kurtwood Smith.

ramboIII__0011_Layer 12

You are the true Hector Hammond, as evidenced by that fivehead you’re sporting.

ramboIII__0012_Layer 13

“John Rambo can ride a horse? I do not believe you.”

ramboIII__0013_Layer 14

Never underestimate John Rambo.

ramboIII__0014_Layer 15



In order to remain unseen, John Rambo begins flapping his hair, creating a large dust cloud.

ramboIII__0019_Layer 20

Here’s a random guy getting Shot While Shooting.

ramboIII__0020_Layer 21

Cuts like a knife… but it feels so right.

ramboIII__0021_Layer 22

Whoops, looks like John Rambo isn’t happy with my Bryan Adams reference.

ramboIII__0022_Layer 23

Here’s a great sequence where John Rambo hangs on to the underside of a tank while it drags him through the enemy compound.

ramboIII__0023_Layer 24

Or maybe he’s bench pressing the tank? It’s hard to tell.

ramboIII__0024_Layer 25

Is he making love to the tank? Uh.. ok, let’s move on.

ramboIII__0025_Layer 26

Back to runnin’ and gunnin’.

ramboIII__0026_Layer 27

Holding that rifle close to his chest.

ramboIII__0027_Layer 28





Maybe it’s Maybelline™.

ramboIII__0039_Layer 40

Bustin’ presleys.

ramboIII__0041_Layer 42

By the way, John Rambo loves using the blindfire tactic.

ramboIII__0042_Layer 43

John RamBRO does a few quick dips in this open manhole. I’m sarry.

ramboIII__0043_Layer 44

Once again, John Rambo is not pleased with my sense of humor.

ramboIII__0044_Layer 45

John Rambo fails miserably while trying to light a fart on fire.

ramboIII__0045_Layer 46

“I thought it woulda been a good goof- AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!”

ramboIII__0046_Layer 47

Fake Kiefer Sutherland.

ramboIII__0047_Layer 48

The Melancholy Mercs. The Pensive Patrol. The Bummer Boyz.

ramboIII__0048_Layer 49

Stunt Coordinator: “You’re going to have the urge to stick your tongue out while he’s choking the life outta you. Resist that urge.”

ramboIII__0049_Layer 50


ramboIII__0050_Layer 51

So this fight starts out with John Rambo present.

ramboIII__0051_Layer 52

Then he’s suddenly this guy. Could be Stallone, but I’m not 100% convinced.

ramboIII__0052_Layer 53

Pretty sure that is NOT Stallone.

ramboIII__0053_Layer 54

And now Copland is back. Ok.

ramboIII__0054_Layer 55

Stunt Coordinator: “You’re going to have the urge to stick your tongue out while you’re picking that lock. Resist that urge.”

ramboIII__0055_Layer 56

“Duh, what dat?”

ramboIII__0056_Layer 57

Why, it’s a dummy, you dummy!

ramboIII__0057_Layer 58

Doggin’ it.

ramboIII__0058_Layer 59

John Rambo pulls out his signature compound bow + explosive tipped arrows. Let’s see what he’s about to wreck.


A model? They didn’t even paint out the wire, come on guys.

ramboIII__0061_Layer 62

Renegade- comin’ at ya!

ramboIII__0062_Layer 63

John Rambo lurks in the shadows.

ramboIII__0064_Layer 65

Whoa sorry about this crotch shot.

ramboIII__0065_Layer 66

Man it’s such a weird shot. The dude’s kiester is practically buffing the camera lens while he bends completely over. Just thinking about it sends John Rambo into a state of peaceful tranquility.

ramboIII__0066_Layer 67

What follows is an Xtremely masculine set of grills, throbbing with testosterone, perfect for this- or any, Malentine’s Day.

ramboIII__0067_Layer 68

ramboIII__0068_Layer 69

ramboIII__0069_Layer 70

ramboIII__0070_Layer 71

ramboIII__0071_Layer 72

ramboIII__0072_Layer 73

ramboIII__0073_Layer 74

ramboIII__0074_Layer 75

ramboIII__0075_Layer 76

ramboIII__0076_Layer 77

ramboIII__0077_Layer 78

Back to blastin’ fools. Check out that dookie stance.

ramboIII__0078_Layer 79

More runnin’ and gunnin’.

ramboIII__0079_Layer 80

John Rambo retracts his neck into his chest to compensate for the recoil.

ramboIII__0080_Layer 81

ramboIII__0081_Layer 82

Going with the blindfire technique again.

ramboIII__0082_Layer 83

Here’s a wide shot, for the kids.

ramboIII__0083_Layer 84

Is that what I think it is?

ramboIII__0084_Layer 85

Yes, it’s a Molotov Olde English, a most devastating weapon. Perhaps THE most devastating.

ramboIII__0085_Layer 86

So let it be written. So let it be done. And may all your Malentine’s Day wishes come true!




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