Happy Malentine’s Day 2016!

dieHard2__0147_Layer 148

Happy Malentine’s Day! And were it not Malentine’s Day, this post would have been titled “Grill Hard 2: Grill Harder”, of course. Naturally. Can we all just take a second to appreciate how brilliant that tagline is? Die Hard 2: DIE HARDER. So good. I don’t know who came up with that, but for now I’ll just assume it was Renny Harlin. I’m not even joking, I love that tagline. “Electric Boogaloo” is the only thing that even comes close, in my opinion, and I honestly don’t know which one is better. Probably “Die Harder”.

dieHard2__0000_Layer 1

Let’s get this thing started with Chief Wiggum up there.

dieHard2__0001_Layer 2

“You giving me a parking ticket? Hows about I give you a face full of smarm?”

dieHard2__0002_Layer 3

“Sounds tasty, what is that, some kinda cruller?”

dieHard2__0003_Layer 4

Bill Sadler doing some naked karate in his hotel room.

dieHard2__0004_Layer 5

Hardscorn grilling his L.L.Bean collection.

dieHard2__0005_Layer 6

John McClane checking his beeper. Hey, it’s the 90s!

[Haha, Die Hard 2 is in that video, I didn’t even realize that until after I linked it. The Last Boy Scout is in there too, another Malentine’s Day classic, also starring Bruce Willis!]

dieHard2__0006_Layer 7

Sadler and his goons roll out.

dieHard2__0007_Layer 8

Whoa, Robert Patrick is in this movie?!

dieHard2__0008_Layer 9

McClane swooped in and snubbed Wyatt Earp before he could get to the phone.

dieHard2__0009_Layer 10

“Too slow, Earp.”

dieHard2__0010_Layer 11

Man, another action movie referencing Lethal Weapon.

dieHard2__0011_Layer 12

“Nice sweater.”

dieHard2__0012_Layer 13

“Is that from L.L.Bean?” Also, don’t miss the doofus on the right.

dieHard2__0013_Layer 14

“It’s not, but thank you.” Also, don’t miss the Winger roadie behind McClane.

dieHard2__0014_Layer 15

“Wh- are you sure?”

dieHard2__0015_Layer 16

An old man eating his Scorn Flakes™.

dieHard2__0016_Layer 17

Goon #1.

dieHard2__0017_Layer 18

Goons #2 and #3. Fake Kevin James and that’s not a forehead, that’s a Threehead.

dieHard2__0018_Layer 19

Oh, goon #1, what a charming goon you are!

dieHard2__0019_Layer 20

Smoking in the airport. Hey, it’s the 90s!

dieHard2__0021_Layer 22


dieHard2__0022_Layer 23

“I’m bustin’ ass as we speak.”

dieHard2__0023_Layer 24

“So am I. Let’s maintain eye contact.”

dieHard2__0024_Layer 25

Looks like that plan backfired.

dieHard2__0025_Layer 26

Our first action sequence has begun.

dieHard2__0026_Layer 27

Threehead is going for the old ‘swallow your bottom teeth’ routine.

dieHard2__0027_Layer 28

His stunt double decides to take a different approach.

dieHard2__0028_Layer 29

“I don’t use a stunt double!”

dieHard2__0029_Layer 30

Oh yes you do, and so does Mr. Willis.

dieHard2__0030_Layer 31

Willis’ stunt double needs to learn a thing or two about how to do the Willis Face.

dieHard2__0031_Layer 32

Here’s an example. Eyebrows are up, eyes wide. Mouth is open. You don’t make a “please don’t hurt me” face like the stunt double is doing.

dieHard2__0032_Layer 33

Again, eyebrows up, eyes wide, like you’re surprised.

dieHard2__0033_Layer 34

Keep that mouth open. You want to go for an open-mouthed duck face shape. Although there are times when you will need to close your mouth, but we’ll show you how that’s done later.

dieHard2__0034_Layer 35

Whoa, it’s Bad Skin Cop.


“Have I ever told you that I love the theater?”

dieHard2__0037_Layer 38

Oh baby, Dennis Franz is not happy to see John McClane.

dieHard2__0038_Layer 39

“This is the part where the superior officer berates his subordinate. That would be YOU, McClane!”

dieHard2__0039_Layer 40

“You think you’re soooo cool makin’ that duck face all over town! Well I can do it too! Hell, I invented that face!”

dieHard2__0040_Layer 41

“And do I get any recognition for it?”

dieHard2__0041_Layer 42

“NO! So I don’t want to see you pullin’ that shit around here anymore. You got that, ROOKIE?!”

dieHard2__0042_Layer 43

“Sorry John, but if it makes you feel any better, we’re not allowed to do the duck face either.”

dieHard2__0043_Layer 44

Hard cut to a bunch of Twinkies strewn about a desk. Who’s the fatty that’s been snacking on these?

dieHard2__0044_Layer 45

Of course! It’s Officer Carl Winslow.


“You’re outta Twinkies? What?”

dieHard2__0047_Layer 48

Pack ’em in there, fatso.

dieHard2__0048_Layer 49

I’m sorry Reginald VelJohnson, it’s not me, it’s the way your character was written into this script. This is your only scene, and it’s just you on the phone, stuffing your face full of Twinkies. They did you wrong.

dieHard2__0049_Layer 50

Willis seems to get a kick out of it, though.

dieHard2__0050_Layer 51

Whoa, John Leguizamo is in this movie?!

dieHard2__0051_Layer 52

Guess what Dennis Franz’s favorite word is?

dieHard2__0052_Layer 53

A solid grill from Art Evans, who was also in The Breaks.

dieHard2__0053_Layer 54

And one from Tom Bower, who’s been in… pretty much everything.

dieHard2__0054_Layer 55

“Don’t forget me!”

dieHard2__0055_Layer 56

Don’t worry Bob, I didn’t. Not with you dublin’ up like that.

dieHard2__0056_Layer 57

Ah, I see you’re a fan of John Rambo’s blindfire tactic.

dieHard2__0061_Layer 62

“Ey, whatever gets the job done.” Who is this, goon #7? Looks like he’s going with blindfire + sideways grip. Playing it somewhat close to the chest; it’s too high to be considered firing from the hip.


Goon #9 taking a slug to the chest. Die Harder.

dieHard2__0062_Layer 63

Bob Patrick doesn’t mess around, going straight for the point-blank approach.

dieHard2__0063_Layer 64

Man, Johnny, where ya been?

dieHard2__0064_Layer 65

Ok, here’s some of his closed-mouth work. It’s like he just took a big bite of a pastrami sandwich, but- turns out that pastrami is rancid, and he’s got no where to spit it out. Also notice that while he’s still got the wide eyes, his eyebrows are now down, the brow furrowed. You taking notes, obvious stuntman?

dieHard2__0065_Layer 66

See? He’s not letting any of that spoiled pastrami outta there until he can find a napkin, maybe up at the counter. Or maybe they got a toilet in back, he’d have to ask.

dieHard2__0066_Layer 67

Here’s goon #15 again, really overselling that reload.

dieHard2__0067_Layer 68

Lock and load, buddy. Remember to keep that piece close to your chest.

dieHard2__0068_Layer 69

Oh man, you’re done for, goon #27. You’re about to become…

dieHard2__0069_Layer 70

… an obvious dummy! Die Harder.

dieHard2__0070_Layer 71

I’m getting kind of a Martin Riggs vibe from this one. “Look out, Murtaugh!”

dieHard2__0071_Layer 72

“There was a time when men were kind…”

dieHard2__0072_Layer 73

“Ugh, you’re butchering it.”

dieHard2__0073_Layer 74

“Colm Meaney here, I’m picking up some kind of strange transmission.”

dieHard2__0071_Layer 72

“… and their voices were soft / And their words inviting…”

dieHard2__0074_Layer 75

“Is that Les Mis? It sounds terrible!”

dieHard2__0071_Layer 72

“There was a time when love was blind / And the world was a song / And the song was exciting…”

dieHard2__0075_Layer 76

“Everyone remain COLM!”

dieHard2__0071_Layer 72

“There was a time / That it all went wrong…”

dieHard2__0075_Layer 76

“Breaker breaker one niner, we’re going down. I repeat, we’re going down.”

dieHard2__0071_Layer 72

“I dreamed a dream in time gone byyyyyyyyyy”

dieHard2__0076_Layer 77

(cockpit alarms blaring)

dieHard2__0077_Layer 78

“Well, damn. That was Meaney’s only scene in the film. Thanks, Bill Sadler.”

dieHard2__0078_Layer 79

“That ain’t right.”

dieHard2__0079_Layer 80


dieHard2__0080_Layer 81

Not a grill, but maybe a little poorly comped foreshadowing?

dieHard2__0081_Layer 82

“I’ll allow it.”

dieHard2__0082_Layer 83

“But will you allow this?” Yes. The answer is always yes.

dieHard2__0083_Layer 84

This guy is pretty good, but he isn’t giving me much material to work with.

dieHard2__0084_Layer 85

At this point, McClane has been beaten up a bit, so he’s really starting to dig in to that Willis Face.

dieHard2__0085_Layer 86

We’re back to duck face, but now he’s squinting. That means it hurts.

dieHard2__0086_Layer 87

Here he is ripping a quick one as he squirms his way out of that grate.

dieHard2__0087_Layer 88


dieHard2__0092_Layer 93


dieHard2__0093_Layer 94

Let’s get back to making those goons Die Harder.

dieHard2__0095_Layer 96

Line up that shot, John. He’s squinting, but keeping both eyes open, interesting. Going with pastrami-mouth for this kill.

dieHard2__0094_Layer 95

Boom. Take that, sphincter-neck. Die Harder.

dieHard2__0096_Layer 97

“I dreamed that love would never diiiiiiiie!”

dieHard2__0097_Layer 98

“Ooooooooh he is way off-key.”

dieHard2__0098_Layer 99

Look how happy he is.

dieHard2__0099_Layer 100

WHOA! A little too happy, if you ask me.


This one’s for you, Boris.

dieHard2__0102_Layer 103

“Oh man, it’s so crudely made!”

dieHard2__0103_Layer 104

“Shut-up, I love it!”

dieHard2__0104_Layer 105

“Duck face…”

dieHard2__0105_Layer 106


dieHard2__0106_Layer 107


dieHard2__0107_Layer 108



Only the duck face can save him now.

dieHard2__0110_Layer 111

Too much duck face!

dieHard2__0111_Layer 112

Ok, one quick grimace, and then…


There she is.

dieHard2__0120_Layer 121

“Then I was young and unafraaaaaid!”

dieHard2__0121_Layer 122

Wake up and smell the 90s!

dieHard2__0122_Layer 123

It smells like… ok, I was going to say Teen Spirit, but then Willis gave me that look.

dieHard2__0124_Layer 125

And then he gave me this one, which I’m assuming means, “Let’s wrap this up.”

dieHard2__0125_Layer 126

Close-up of a dummy before he takes a real icicle through the dummy eyeball. Die Harder.

dieHard2__0126_Layer 127

“You’re ruining the movie magic, dammit!”

dieHard2__0127_Layer 128

The snow’s coming down, and McClane is getting chilly.

dieHard2__0128_Layer 129

Chewing on that cold pastrami.

dieHard2__0129_Layer 130

Leguizamo, well on his way to Dying Harder, keeping his gun close to his chest.

dieHard2__0130_Layer 131

This is a new one- looks like he is not only trying to swallow his teeth, but his lips as well.

dieHard2__0131_Layer 132

This guy just looks funny to me.

dieHard2__0132_Layer 133

“Not to me.”

dieHard2__0133_Layer 134

Whoa! McClane is blindfiring while riding a snowmobile!


Sadler is not going to take that lying down.

dieHard2__0136_Layer 137

Which goon are you? #127? #116? What are we up to now?


“Who cares?” Whoa! Watch where you aim that thing, Bill!

dieHard2__0139_Layer 140

“He slept a summer by my siiiiiiide!”

dieHard2__0140_Layer 141

“ENOUGH! You are ruining my favorite song!”

dieHard2__0141_Layer 142

“Let’s get the crowd’s opinion, Johnny.”

dieHard2__0142_Layer 143

Oooooh, it doesn’t look good.


“Hang a lou up ahead at the baggage claim, will ya?”

dieHard2__0145_Layer 146

“I feel like I chipped a tooth.”

dieHard2__0146_Layer 147

“Don’t be such a baby, McClane.”

dieHard2__0148_Layer 149

“Can a baby produce grills like this?!”

dieHard2__0149_Layer 150

“Holy hell, alright, you’re not a baby. Geeze!”

dieHard2__0151_Layer 152

Nice, we got one more from you. Thanks, William Atherton.

dieHard2__0152_Layer 153

Looks like Franz is ready to bow out.

dieHard2__0153_Layer 154

“Just in time for me to unleash one more… grill. Yeah, grill, that’s the ticket.”

dieHard2__0154_Layer 155

“Does anyone else smell pastrami?”

dieHard2__0155_Layer 156

Duck face to the rescue!

dieHard2__0156_Layer 157

“Oh great, Sadler’s back and he just won’t shut up!”






This is actually the stuntman now, having learned how to properly do the Willis Face. I can’t even tell the difference. Nice job, guy!


“He he he. Nyeeeh.”

dieHard2__0166_Layer 167

“Yippie ki-yay, motherfucker! That’s right, this isn’t 2007, it’s the 90s!”

dieHard2__0167_Layer 168

Die Harder, Bill Sadler.

dieHard2__0168_Layer 169

I would have ended it here, but we have a couple good reaction shots from air traffic control, so let’s check those out real quick.

dieHard2__0169_Layer 170

“Did you see that?”

dieHard2__0170_Layer 171

“I sure did.” (Weird stretching noise as his smile widens beyond belief.)



dieHard2__0171_Layer 172

“I will land this plane solely using the power of my triangle smile.”

dieHard2__0174_Layer 175

“That’s a wrap!”

Well, thanks for reading! Malentine’s Day didn’t happen last year, and for that I am truly sorry. I did finally post it, though, so I hope that makes up for it. And I hope you enjoyed this one as well. It’s been ten years, and unfortunately, I think this may be my swan song. The first few started out pretty weak, but I think I finally hit my stride with the Death Wish post, and I’m happy with what they’ve become since then. It’s been fun, but I think this might be the end for me.

Follow your dreams, stay true to your heart, and may all your Malentine’s Day wishes come true!



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