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alternative grill capture methods. photos of the tv, “in the field”, cell phone shots, or otherwise.

Guest Star Purgatory, Starring Charles Quinton Murphy


Try to imagine my surprise at seeing the immortal Charlie Murphy’s name flash during the “Guest Starring” portion of Hawaii 5-0’s opening credits. The sight of it filled my heart with both a sense pure whimsy and deep sadness. For a minute there Charlie was invincible, having achieved higher approval ratings than his much more famous (and talented) brother Eddie. Fame is a fleeting thing, as seen here. Let me take you a tour of Charlie’s life as a featured guest star.

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Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the Golden Grillz 2012.


I do realize that the 2012 Golden Globes took place months ago. I also realize that Gawker beat me to the punch. But what they don’t realize, is that when you spend an hour making your post, you can’t mine for gold as effectively. I’ve spent the better part of two months hand crafting this post for maximal comedic output. I’ve never poured more effort into my  animated gifs. These are the biggest stars in the world, and dammit, they deserve the red carpet grill treatment. So basically Gawker, stay your lane, get out of mine and leave the grill game to the professionals. You’ve been warned. For the faithful (the several of you), I proudly bestow upon you my magnum opus. I may have to lay off the animated gifs after this one, for in them resides the entirety of my soul, enjoy it.

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Jake versus Wild : Featuring Bear Grillz

When I found out that Jake Gyllenhaal was going to forego the cush life of a A-List Hollywood movie star to rough it out in the wilderness for two days with Bear Grylls on Man Vs. Wild, I was excited. It’s been almost four years of searching for the perfect grill showcase for Jake, but I need look no further. The look on Jake Gyllenhaal’s face says it all. He’s excited to go Into the Wild, with Bear Grylls. Bear is getting in five seconds of quick rack time. Get ready for way too much Jake.

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Wild Speed, Mega Grills

Some promo materials for the cast of Fast Five, aka “Wild Speed: Mega Max” here in Japan. I’m guessing “Fast and Furious” never translated well, or was a little too intimidating for the movie going crowd here, so the entire franchise was renamed “Wairudo Supi-do”. Enjoy the promo site too.

First up we have our main man Paul Walker, gun held close, grill held closer.

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