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Guest Star Purgatory, Starring Charles Quinton Murphy


Try to imagine my surprise at seeing the immortal Charlie Murphy’s name flash during the “Guest Starring” portion of Hawaii 5-0’s opening credits. The sight of it filled my heart with both a sense pure whimsy and deep sadness. For a minute there Charlie was invincible, having achieved higher approval ratings than his much more famous (and talented) brother Eddie. Fame is a fleeting thing, as seen here. Let me take you a tour of Charlie’s life as a featured guest star.

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Wild Speed, Mega Grills

Some promo materials for the cast of Fast Five, aka “Wild Speed: Mega Max” here in Japan. I’m guessing “Fast and Furious” never translated well, or was a little too intimidating for the movie going crowd here, so the entire franchise was renamed “Wairudo Supi-do”. Enjoy the promo site too.

First up we have our main man Paul Walker, gun held close, grill held closer.

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Happy Summertime.

Our old friend Donnie Wahlberg just got a fresh TXT MSG on his cellular phone, it reads “HAPPY SUMMERTIME!!” To commemorate the season, I (and the New Kids on the Block) give you all this special post, as a way to bring a little more sunshine to your lives..

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