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Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the Golden Grillz 2012.


I do realize that the 2012 Golden Globes took place months ago. I also realize that Gawker beat me to the punch. But what they don’t realize, is that when you spend an hour making your post, you can’t mine for gold as effectively. I’ve spent the better part of two months hand crafting this post for maximal comedic output. I’ve never poured more effort into my  animated gifs. These are the biggest stars in the world, and dammit, they deserve the red carpet grill treatment. So basically Gawker, stay your lane, get out of mine and leave the grill game to the professionals. You’ve been warned. For the faithful (the several of you), I proudly bestow upon you my magnum opus. I may have to lay off the animated gifs after this one, for in them resides the entirety of my soul, enjoy it.

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Rise of the Franco

Another Red Carpet Grillmiere is upon us and this time its Franco’s turn to party. He didn’t come alone though. John Lithgow was there, as well as his growing cranium. Harry potter rivals Rupert Grint and Tom Felton showed too, proving that grills heal all wounds. So lets get right to it.

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Red Carpet Grillmiere: The Town

I’m officially constituting The Red Carpet Grillmiere post. I suggest we start posting red carpet grills, even if its just a couple at a time. Lucky for the The Town premiere, Jon Hamm was there, and per usual, was giving ample grill support. I mean the red carpet is where we can catch the stars at their most candid and in turn, their most grill worthy. Make me wonder why we haven’t started this earlier. Disclaimer: While posting I realized that these grillz might actually be from multiple different premieres, but for the same movie. So, don’t be dismayed when you see them wearing different clothes. I mean, we’re here for the grillz….right?

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