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X-Men: The Animated Gif Series

I know everyone said it couldn’t be done. Animation is un-grillable. While watching some of the X-Men animated series, I discovered that animation can produce grills, of the animated variety. This show is a throwback in a lot of ways, whether it be the crude, inconsistent animation, or the terribly voice acting (Gambit, I’m looking at you). It’s worth noting that in the show it flashes between these two frames of animation really fast, like Professor X is having a seizure. Lets see what other gems I found.

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Old Grills on the Block

Sometimes inspiration hits us when we least expect it. It hit me the other night while doing some work from home, and yotubing music videos on my second monitor. I was operating in the Bobby Brown, New Edition space, which then segued into New Kids on the Block. I’m not ashamed to admit this either, because were not for said youtubing, I wouldn’t have been slapped in the face with inspiration in the form of “Extreme Close Up, Music Video Grills”.  For tonights entree, I bring you grills from New Kids on the Block’s 2008 psuedo hit “Single”. Joey McIntyre is doing insane levels of work here to start, lets see what else I found….

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Happy Malentine’s Day 2010!

Well, last year’s Malentine’s Day was certainly lacking, but I hope to make up for that with this year’s installment. Previously, we have been graced by the grills of The Great Chuck Norris, President Arnold Schwarzenegger (a guy can dream, can’t he?), and his Hairyness, The Emperor of Asia,  Sensei Steven Seagal. This will be our fourth Malentine’s Day together. Now, the traditional gift would be fruit or flowers; the modern gift, appliances. Keeping that in mind, I proffer to you, from the bottom of my heart, The Genie of Death, he who grants not three Death Wishes, but five, the late Sir Charles Bronson. His first gift to you is titled, “The grill before the storm.”

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Every Which Way But Grill

Have you ever been watching a movie and that feeling just sweeps over you. Its that feeling that tells you “Yes, this movie needs to be grilled”. Well, such a feeling came over me when watching Every Which Way But Loose. This one’s been on my radar for a while now. I mean, how could it not, its got Clint Eastwood and an Orangutan. But beyond that I found grill happiness, which is what its all about.

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