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“You had me?? You never had your car.”


Now I know you all think The Fast and the Furious is basically just car porn, but upon repeated viewings, I have determined what the series is really about.  Bromance.  Bromance is defined as:

1. The intense love shared between heterosexual males.
2. A form of male bonding and usually invisible to the naked eye.

We most definitely will uncover both of those here.

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Oh, Paycheck, part 2

Look who’s back, sons. It’s time for more Paycheck. Part one contains grillz from the first third of the movie, and I was tempted to only cook the next third, and leave the final act for a third post. But, honestly, I’m awfully sick of looking at Affleck, so I decided I would just finish the whole thing up so I never have to do this again. I hope you’re all happy. Continue reading Oh, Paycheck, part 2