Grill The Planet!!!

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I have emotions, I really do.

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Just taking a look back through some of the iPad and now iPhone 4 executive testimonials. This is some moving stuff ladies and gentleman. To be honest, I wasn’t really sold on either product until I saw the broad range of emotion expressed by Scott Forstall, director of iPhone (now iOS?) software. Sell us on it Scott:

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Thank you, special features.

Oh hi there Joel David Moore, it’s you again. Admit it, you love us.¬†Admittedly, we love you too. You are always good for a grill whether it be in a starring role, or a fluff piece to pump up Avatar. You bailed me out really, cause 80% of that movie might be ungrillable. So for this one I thought a little outside of the box, and its a short and quick one, but the payoff is worth it….trust me.

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Swindle Grillz


Meet Jimmy Norville, master of the swindle.

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Stock Market Tanks, Grillz up 300%

Our economy is in some serious poop right now, but don’t worry- CNN is there for us. They’ve been host to a myriad of grillz lately, images of real people in real despair. It’s glorious.

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