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Fast Five – Part Three: Damn Bro…


Part 3 greets us with a solitary unnamed henchman, let’s call him Burro Lips (Louis Gonzaga).  He looks so lonely in this world of perfectly evenly spaced furniture, I sure hope a friend comes by to say hi.

Seems like you’re looking a little lonely there too, Nick- so your old pal christoph is stopping by to keep the tradition going and guest-write along with you.

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Fast and Furious: The Bromance Strikes Back

The look on Brian O’Conner’s (Paul Walker) face tells us that we are in for some serious bromance grills. The boys return to earlier movies full bromance form in this edition. Snap in the seat belts and hold on tight.

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Fast & Furious: The Return

“Calling all Grill Wilson readers, this is your boy Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel). I took a little break from the series but that tiny cameo in Tokyo Drift reminded me what I was missing out on. ” Let’s see if the old boy still has it in him to do major level grill work.

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