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The Revenge of Nathan Fillion

Look who’s back, Nathan wasn’t merely satisfied his inclusion on two previous posts (Here and here). He had more unfortunate facial expressions to offer us.

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Say Hello to Grill Arnett

Oh man, where to start? It looks like Gob just watched Street Fighter and felt like Raul Julia called him out (Seen here). Wide eyes? Check. Open mouth? Check. Imaginary weapon pointed at your temple? You bet. Loaded up on some form of prescription drug? Undoubtedly.

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Prepare for PSYCHO POWER!!!!!

You know, I never appreciated the incredibly hammed up and overacted performance Raul Julia laid down for his role of M. Bison in Street Fighter. Little did I know, but Raul could in fact see into the future. He definitively knew in 1994, that this site would one day exist, and he wasn’t about to let himself be outdone…by anyone. It’s the only explanation for his consistently crazy looks and complete lack of blinking. He’s the antonym to John McCain’s constant machine-gun blinking. Time remembers Street Fighter as the shitty movie that it is. But with his last ounce of life, Raul gave us a masterpiece of facial expressions. So just sit back and breathe it all in. This post will be shown with limited commentary from this point on.

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