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American Face-Off, Round: 2


In American Face-Off Round: 1 the winner was clearly Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale).  Before he could raise his eyebrows in furrowed victory, I told legend of one man who could knock him off his oily faced pedestal.  Yet, in spite of my endorsement of the challenger, there he sits exuding supreme confidence.  He is emotionless, dare I say…plastic.  But I digress, without further ado I give you the number one contender…

American Face-Off, Round: 1


Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) is a rich, nice, and all round good guy living in New York City who, because of his grill prowess, can’t help but strut around with supreme confidence. Here he is out the gates hitting us with a basic yet well cooked grill. Note how the perfectly aligned eyebrows go hauntingly well with the angled stripes of his shirt. The man can accessorize with his face! Brilliant!

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X-Men: The Animated Gif Series

I know everyone said it couldn’t be done. Animation is un-grillable. While watching some of the X-Men animated series, I discovered that animation can produce grills, of the animated variety. This show is a throwback in a lot of ways, whether it be the crude, inconsistent animation, or the terribly voice acting (Gambit, I’m looking at you). It’s worth noting that in the show it flashes between these two frames of animation really fast, like Professor X is having a seizure. Lets see what other gems I found.

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Buffy the Normal Face Slayer

Oh, hey there Spike. Those are some lovely UV-Ray deflecting goggles you have. In lieu of the recent trend of creating mega multi-part posts, I felt the need to return to the quick, yet effectively short grill post. My muse for this return is the Buffy season five finale. Lets take a deeper look shall we?

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