Val & Earl: Dirt-bag Handymen

“Nobody handles garbage better than we do.”

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The Franco-McBride Grill Express conclusion


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The Franco-McBride Grill Express

Hey kids! Want to buy some drugs?

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Tokyo Drift: Rising Action, Part Three

We’re taking another trip back to Tokyo, for part three. Twink (Bow Wow) is so excited he looks almost on the verge of tears. Everything is going great for our heroes.

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Welcome to the exciting world of Keanu Reeves!

The chompers of Keanu Reeves.  If you stare at them long enough your eyes will orgasm.

When I hear the last name “Reeves” I think of Christopher Reeves, not Keanu.  The only difference I see between the two actors is that Christopher is Superman of Metropolis and Keanu is a Superman of the grills.  The actors have a lot in common, for example Christopher couldn’t feel anything below his neck and Keanu can’t feel anything above his neck.  That is the only explanation for the pain-inducing grills Keanu makes during… Johnny Mnemonic!

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A Very Hartnett Halloween


The year is 1998, the day is Halloween and the movie is H20, it being 20 years after the first movie. Clever. Michael Myers has of course returned, but this time he’s brought with him the ability to cause some massive grillz.

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