Happy Malentine’s Day 2014!

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Welcome back, sports fans – it’s that time of year again. So sit back and relax, let’s get down to it. It’s gonna be a helluva fight. You got a great night of grillin’ tonight!

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King LeDouche

As most people know by now, LeBron “King” James held a prime-time TV special/press conference to announce where he would be taking his basketball services last week. The King had spent his entire seven year career in Cleveland playing for the Cavaliers. He has also spent his entire life in Ohio since he was born and raised in nearby Akron. Let’s see if he made the “right” choice, or the “selfish” one.

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Tokyo Drift: Revenge of the Bromance, Part One

By now, y’all know we love us some Fast and the Furious series here at Grill Wilson. I took a little hiatus on from the series, but I’m back.  The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift is a different beast. 2 Fast 2 Furious subtracted Vin Diesel from the equation, but added Tyrese “Crazy Grillz” Gibson, which counts as a loss in star power, but is basically a push for grill power. Tokyo Drift has no star power, so it will have to really ramp up the grill power.

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Guerrilla Grilla chapter 3: The 2010 Golden Grillz.


Welcome to the 2010 Golden Globes. Hollywood’s best and brightest came out the Beverly Hilton to put in some major work. Luckily, I was in front of my television with a camera, ready and waiting. Courtney Cox here can’t decide if the whole ordeal is above or below her. David Arquette is just happy to have a camera on him again.

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If you need me I’ll be out cruisin in my Esca…ugh…Denali.


I’ve had this one in my back pocket now for a good long while. Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) could no longer be contained solely on my hard drive. He needed to escape and share his lively, effervescent spirit. So it is without further ado, that I mark my long awaited (I hope) return to the hallowed halls of Grill Wilson, with a little help from the one and only Kenneth Powers.

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A Very Hartnett Halloween


The year is 1998, the day is Halloween and the movie is H20, it being 20 years after the first movie. Clever. Michael Myers has of course returned, but this time he’s brought with him the ability to cause some massive grillz.

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